Hundreds of cars trapped – Snow piled up to their roofs.

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Snow up to 10 feet deep (3 meters) blocks Ukrainian highway.

Witnesses told Xinhua that they saw hundreds of trapped cars with snow piled up to the car roofs. The trapped were seeking help from nearby villages for food and heating.

The snow caused a traffic jam that extended to about 14 miles (20 km) on a highway linking the Ukrainian capital and the Hungarian border as of late Sunday, authorities said.

The section of highway involved – between Buh and Brody districts – was blanketed by snow as deep as three meters, said the Emergencies Ministry.

A woman stuck in the traffic jam gave birth in her car before emergency crews arrived. She and her baby were later sent to a local hospital.

“Heavy snow causes 20-km-long traffic jam in Ukraine,” said the headline on Xinhua. I think that headline far understated the situation.
Argiris Diamantis.

“A traffic jam of 20 km may not seem spectacular, but 3 meters of snowfall sure is,” says Argiris.  I’ll be watching the Dutch television tonight to see if they have this item.”

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  1. Shame we can’t get something like that here to shut the fools up. 3 meters of snow in DC is just what the doctor ordered.

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