Major U.S. snowstorm beginning on Christmas Day

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Will spread from the southern Plains to the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast. Travelers beware!
Beginning Tuesday, snow will intensify as it spreads from the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles to the Red River and western Arkansas, then move northeastward into the Ohio Valley, the eastern Great Lakes (perhaps even the central Great Lakes ) and the Northeast, says

Some snow could even press as far south as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Tuesday and northern Louisiana Tuesday night.

The storm has the potential to unleash more than a half of foot of snow in Arkansas. Totals may even top a foot, especially farther north across the eastern Great Lakes and interior Northeast.

The snowstorm is sure to create a nightmare for travelers.

All residents and visitors from the southern Plains to the central Great Lakes and East should closely monitor this impending storm for updates by

6 thoughts on “Major U.S. snowstorm beginning on Christmas Day”

  1. Been following this storm possibility since last Tuesday! The exact track is still being fought out by the weather models but this is going to be one MONSTER of a storm!

    Check out Weather Space dot com’s map.. when was the last time the WHOLE of Tennessee got snow? Snow down into Texas.. and look at that line of “Thundersnow”! In West Virginia, it likes the whole state is going to get a “top-up”! This guy is worth keeping an eye on.

  2. As usual, I’m upset !!! Here we are with Lake Tahoe getting 5 1/2 feet of snow since last night here and all we get in the coastal SE is rain Tues/Wed ahead of a storm system !!!! That’s not fair man !!
    I want 80 feet of snow to hit my house for X’mas so I can get buried alive !!!

    1. be careful what you ask for…you might just get it:-)
      my corner of aus went from 40C+ yesterday to 23 or so today.
      I wont be worrying about .6 of a degree any time soon.

  3. Thanks Robert for giving us knowledge of the winter events the corrupt western media are trying to hide away from us in the west as USA and EU!

    1. I am also very thankful for the great service you provide. It is the only way to really find out what is actually going on!

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