A meter of snow in many parts of Sweden

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More than three feet of snow causes major problems on E4.

After intense snowfall – with a meter of snow in many parts of Sweden – sections of the E4 motorway were blocked on Saturday afternoon, reports tabloid Expressen.

“Snow plows are running all the time, but as long as it continues to snow it is a problem”, says Lennart Helsing at the Swedish Transport Association to Expressen.

Roads in Skaraborg in particular have been a real problem all day.

The snowstorm brought several accidents. In the Norrköping region four road accidents happened in less than one hour in the morning.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

2 thoughts on “A meter of snow in many parts of Sweden”

  1. I was watching today Dutch television. The weather woman, Helga van Leur, showed the map of Europe and she said: It is quite cold in the Northeast of Europe. That’s all she said about this. Immediately followed by: In Spain it is still warm. She is known to be a warmist. They know what is going on there, but not a word about the blizzards.

    1. There are so many news that’s hard to keep track of all them… it’s clear to me that we’re entering a new phase. Last year we didn’t have this because the solar cycle was at its maximum.

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