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Mt. Baker (Washington) Ski Area will be CLOSED TODAY AND FRIDAY due to a large quantity (100+) trees that have fallen on the highway east of Glacier, forcing a road closure from Glacier to the ski area.

The DOT has been working all day on the road and is coordinating a strong team of cutters and excavators to work on multiple sections of the road all day Friday as the weather is expected to stabilize, allowing crews better access to the problem areas.

The hardworking DOT crew is anticipating being able to clear the road Friday which would allow the ski area to open on Saturday depending on how progress goes tomorrow.

With 98 inches (8+ feet) of snowfall since Sunday morning we have been in the midst of a major storm cycle here at Baker and in the Northwest in general.

Once again, we will be CLOSED TODAY AND FRIDAY and plan to reopen Saturday December 22nd.

Temperature                            27°F
Base Heather Meadows     147″ (12+ feet)
Base Pan Dome                      176″ (14.7 feet)Weather
Snowing heavily


Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


6 Responses to Mt Baker closed – too much snow and fallen trees !!!!

  1. Rhys Jaggar says:

    Good news for Seattle-based skiers!!

  2. Kyle says:

    Burrrrrr must be global WARMING……..Oops I mean climate change!

  3. Laurel says:

    Mannikin hansen and the goracle all silent?
    funny that!

    • What’s further of humor is that MSM is touting 2012 as warmest with 2nd worst drought. So perhaps approaching a repeat of cognizant history only. In addition, modern satellite temperature data (NOAA/UAH) show continued stall (16 years) of upward temperature trends touted by the Mannikin Hansen and Goracle (M. Mann, J. Hansen, A. Gore). Spencer

  4. AndrewS says:

    Glaciers are growing in Glacier (y)

  5. ROBERT CIRCLE says:

    I just finished reading an article on Atmospheric rivers. Sometimes they come in from the west and dump tons of moisture on the west coast of Calif. They claim back in 1861 i6 rained for 53 days an flooded the central valley.

    I wonder if one of those things is tuning up and if there will be more?

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