Mt Baker Washington – 80 inches of snow in 4 days!

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That’s 6½ feet! Two meters!

According to the Mt Baker website, they’ve received 164 inches of snow so far this season.

“Our snowbase of 103 inches is the DEEPEST FOR DECEMBER 7th since our World Record Year of 98-99. That means we currently have the deepest early December snowfall in 14 years.”

So much for global warming.

Thanks to Chuck Clancy for this link

3 thoughts on “Mt Baker Washington – 80 inches of snow in 4 days!”

  1. You can look at the snow cover for the NH for October here:

    I think October is a leading indicator since it shows shortening of the growing season.

    The length of the Arctic Melt season is also shorter:

    Another indicator is the Koppen climate classification based on plants.

    Notice how the 1970 decade is completely different than the rest of the 20thC decades. The 1990’s were in the middle of the group so it shows there was nothing unusual going on like warming from CO2.

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