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Obama Killing Another Coal Plant

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Another coal plant is biting the dust thanks to President Obama’s war on coal.

Obama Killing Another Coal Plant

By Lonely Conservative

(Excerpts) – “American Electric Power, or A.E.P., the nation’s biggest consumer of coal, announced that it would shut its coal-burning boilers at the Big Sandy electric power plant near Louisa, Ky., a 1,100-megawatt facility that since the early 1960s has been burning coal that was mined locally.

“Strict new environmental regulations are forcing large utilities to spend billions of dollars to retrofit old coal-burning plants or shut them down, replacing them in most cases with equipment that uses cleaner-burning natural gas.

In May, the power company withdrew a plan to spent $1 billion to retrofit Big Sandy so that it could continue to operate. But that would have required a 31 percent increase in electricity rates for eastern Kentucky residents.

On Wednesday, A.E.P. announced that it would close both of the coal-burning furnaces at Big Sandy in 2015, but left open the possibility that one of the units would be retrofitted to use natural gas.

This has been a bad year for the coal industry.

A total of 55 plants, including Big Sandy, have closed or have announced plans to shut down, according to a count by the Sierra Club. That will leave 395 coal-burning plants in the United States, compared with 522 in 2010, according to the Sierra Club.

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19 thoughts on “Obama Killing Another Coal Plant”

  1. A foreign enemy could not be more successful at ruining our economy than under the Progressive governments of the last 100 years.

    The majority of users (ie: Pauls) are all too willing to endure this attack in order to keep receiving the “stuff” redistributed from the creators (ie: Peters.)

    When the Pauls discover too late their bad decision, they will be thankful for the Peters willing to fight the tyranny from within with its guns, just as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

  2. HARRP has actually been caught doing naughty things with weather but it takes too long to get into and I don’t want to waste mine or you’re time by posting it.

  3. Nobody seems to get it both climate alarmist and skeptics alike.

    Global Warming is happening. Numbers don’t lie but it’s NOT man made (unless you include HARRP and any other military installations we do not know about)

    Every several hundred years earth goes thru cycles and we are at the peak of a warming cycle sliding downwards but still up in the *warm* sector where we will have several heat blips ruining snow.

    Hell some winters for the west coast *Possibly this one?* we may have almost NO snow in mountainous climates while other winters will get slammed hard with feet and feet of snow.

  4. I wonder where the power for the White House and the Capitol building comes from–wind, hydro, nuclear, natural gas, or coal? If the answer is coal, maybe the power companies can reroute that electricity to other places.

  5. Fukushima has yet to actually kill anyone, contrary to the over-hyped media reports.
    The preceding tidal wave, well, yes, that was bad.
    As for any ‘runaway’ radiation, it simply does not exist.
    So, chalk one up for a freak accident that involved a nuclear plant.
    We are all still here. We aren’t glowing in the dark.
    This is besides the nonsense pumped out by the ‘Green industry’ and it’s church of doom and gloom.
    As for the current Potas, he should simply be impeached.
    To date, there is still no valid Birth certificate and he is clearly a non US citizen.
    Lest we also forget, Pol Pot also had the same grand plan, his also succeeded way beyond his best expectations.
    What is it with Communist peasants and totalitarian stupidity?
    Cambodian was returned to a pre-industrial dark age.
    This is where Obama would also return the USA.
    The downside is that on average, fifty percent of the current population will perish.
    This is the real Communist and Green legacy. This is the history of Communist and Green ideology.
    Lets see if you survive the next purge, or suffer the fate of the useful idiot.

    1. Oh and one last reminder for you’re health.

      There are barf bags available in the lobby as some people may experience vomiting or other serious illness as a result of climate change from our 500 year cycle.

      Please call an attendant if one is not available

    1. Most years we will not need them but they years we do get snow that’s when we will need them but I can understand they do not want to waste money on plows that will sit and rust in the sheds.

  6. Now there is an interesting notion
    If the workers can go on strike to demonstrate their power.
    Why can’t the Coal power stations go on strike and show the greenies where the power comes from!

  7. It is amazing how many idiots there really are on this planet? Even obammie does not know anyhting and does what he is told!
    Coal is part of the future!!!We in South Africa makes petrol from coal since the 1960’s. It is a German recipe called Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbon synthesis. This can allso be done with natural hydro carbon gasses and we do just that!!! If we look at the amount of current volcanoes active in the world and they shut down a coal power station?? Someone is cookoo!!!These are the same idiots and morons screaming human rights and animal has rights to…….hahahahahahahahahahaahah I feel sorry for these lot!

  8. Will be interesting to see all the usless idiots plug their electric cars in and only have half the power they need to recharge. Or how about the city dwellers and their electrical toys and all the cities using electric trains and subways and all that stuff. Perhaps “all” the power generation companies should just quit for a week and let all the green freeks use their hot air to blow the wind mills.

    1. There’s definitely no shortage of that on both sides of the Global Warming…I mean climate change agenda.

  9. It is Nuclear power we MUST shut down!

    The Fukushima disaster is and will continue past our lifetimes and ALL NPP’s are susceptable to the same problems with NO way to fix!!!

    1. Do you mean all nuclear power plants are going to be damaged by a tsunami? The tree hugging warmers don’t want coal, hydro, nuclear where the vast majority of our power comes from. Let’s just put up windmills in every other persons back yard, where they can’t be seen or kill birdies, ya that will work!

      1. The liberals only want the rich people to have power and everyone else to live in poverty like the dark ages.

    2. They actually have a newer kind of Nuclear power plant called liquid metal I think that eliminates the waste problems that leads to radioactivity.

      The older models like the Fukushima disaster the slightest cracks and radiation will pour out for 1,000 years and it just doesn’t magically go away.

      Also I’ve heard the Fukushima power plant was cutting corners on maintaining the power plant just before the disaster but I don’t really know for sure so maybe it’s not the fault of the power plant but the fault of the managers thinking they are high and mighty?

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