Pravda – “Anomalous winter disasters paralyze Moscow”

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“Moscow was literally paralyzed at night of November 30. The city and the region experienced two natural disasters in one night: a super heavy snowfall and an ice storm.

“City officials call upon all drivers not to use their vehicles today.

“According to Radio Mayak, the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) has turned into a giant traffic jam. Trucks can not drive up the ice-covered flyovers. Many flights have been delayed at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport.

“People can not get to work. The subway is overcrowded. People have to stand in lines to get into the subway. Traffic on the roads is paralyzed”

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2 thoughts on “Pravda – “Anomalous winter disasters paralyze Moscow””

    1. The new Bond cycle is starting … 😉
      The changes after September are impressive, the oceans are much colder now than 3 months ago,
      and the changes are happening in both hemispheres.
      I don’t care what the “official warmists” say, it’s happening everywhere.
      Cannot be ‘just coincidence’.

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