Record-breaking snowfall in Moscow – Video

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The storm unleashed 8 inches (20 cm) of snow on Thursday, causing major disruptions at both at the airport and on roadways. Normal snowfall for the entire month of November in Moscow is 16 inches.

Moscow’s city hall said the Russian capital hasn’t seen a bigger snowfall in November in about 50 years.

Many flights from Moscow’s largest airport, Domomdedovo, were delayed or canceled.

This link includes above video:

Thanks to Alex Tanase, Dean Koehler, Clay Olson and Ralph Fato for these links

“Wow, first coastal Connecticut gets their biggest November snowstorm, now Moscow,” says Ralph. “I wonder how many other spots have been also and we just aren’t hearing about it.”

“Thanks Robert for opening our eyes and minds.”

10 thoughts on “Record-breaking snowfall in Moscow – Video”

  1. F. Guimaraes,
    Just a hunch on my part. If not the the next glacial then at least a major cooling period perhaps? Don’t take my word for gospel, but it does coincide with the timing of what Robert (and several other scientists) are now saying. i.e. Piers Corbyn, Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, etc. We are right around the time of that big change now.

  2. and gee…wasnt it the 60s they noticed it was bit cooler and the 70s when Hansen ehrlich strong and the rest of the scaremongers started the iceage nuke winter no oil no food etc campaigns. yup.sure was!
    and funny how back then it was simply the SUN and Natural cycles to blame?
    because back then they hadnt worked out how to MAKE money from panic. and to get a stranglehold on society as well, now they do both.
    sick and twisted crowd of losers!

  3. This could all just be a coincidence, but here’s an idea – the Maya 2012 calendar indicates a ‘change’ or end of an era coming, and the beginning of a new one – did those ancients have such foresight that perhaps this change has something to do with the next Glacial period? (through their rudimentary observations of the sun, stars, earth, etc.) So it doesn’t mean the end of the world, but a changed one.

    1. I agree with this interpretation.
      They saw a connection with the “magnetic fields” (they don’t use this expression, of course) of Earth, the Sun and a “more general one” (which I believe is the interstellar field of the Milk Way) and we know that all these fields have been “changing” lately, which could be a corroboration of the Mayan predictions, and all this is related with the closing of the cycles and the very real possibility of the end of the present Interglacial.
      The problem is how could they possibly know all this?
      Anyway, I’ve seen videos of D. Alejandro and he says explicitly that the Mayans are not talking about “the end” of the world, but rather a “big change”, which is related with/centered at changes with the (Grandfather) Sun.
      They certainly knew more than what we usually give them credit for.

  4. According to Weather’s thread at “westernusawx”,
    all these record snowfalls in many parts of the N. Hemisphere are an indication of the beginning of the new Bond event this year, which has always coincided with strong cooling worldwide in the past.
    The last one happened during the coldest part of the Middle Ages and it was a cold period similar to the LIA, during the Maunder minimum, both in extension and strength.
    Now we’re entering a new Bond period and a new solar minimum period (that many are saying will be a new Maunder-type minimum) simultaneously.
    “… When the surge in mobile polar high production commences in mid-late December. You’ll get blasted with cold and snow during mid-late DEC while the AAM plunges. Global temps will decline at -0.5C/decade initially, then accelerate from 2017 into the 2020s … “

  5. Wow! I was in Russia in 1991 when it was still the Soviet Union. What a difference! Watching the video, I saw nice shops, newer vehicles on the streets and nicely dressed people. When it was communist, Russia was a dirty little dump. Dingy looking buildings, poorly dressed people and old junks on the streets. The few shops they had were a joke. One shop I went into only had 2 chickens and 100 bottles of pear juice for sale.

    1. It’s still a dirty dump. I just moved from Moscow this year after spending 5 years there. But I do miss Moscow.

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