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More snow so far this winter than ALL of last winter.

29 Dec 2012  – “Apparently we are making up for last years lack of snow,” says this article on wdtn.com. “Today we had a record snowfall of 2.2 inches which puts us at 10.6 inches for December.  We’ve already seen more snow than we did last year.”

“This morning accumulations varied with a few spots in Mercer county picking up five additional inches while most locations saw about 2 to 3 inches.”


Thanks to Clay Olson for this link


4 Responses to Record snowfall in Dayton, Ohio

  1. Neil Frandsen says:

    I wonder what the Glacial Erratics, in Dayton, will look like this time…

  2. Very nice; I like snow. Beware ,though, of the logical error of argument by instance. I will call it a true change in the climate in twenty years or so, or when I awake to find local animals frozen in the act of munching the verge or the 30′ of white Robert promises us.

  3. Joe says:

    I think last year’s winter was really more of a fluke than a trend.
    People so worried about one season.

  4. Amanda M says:

    Meanwhile, up in Anchorage, we’ve warmed up to the 40s and had slight rain…

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