Russian Drivers Stuck in Traffic Jam for Two – now THREE – Days

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Now it’s THREE days stuck in the snow. See video. Some of the thousands of cars and trucks stranded on a major highway yesterday after a monster snowfall have been stuck for more than two three days.

As drivers struggled to keep their engines running and their vehicles heated,  the backup lengthened to 125 miles long, CNN reports. It had shortened to 34 miles by last night as some of the roadway between Moscow and St. Petersburg was cleared.

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6 thoughts on “Russian Drivers Stuck in Traffic Jam for Two – now THREE – Days”

  1. Wow! This must have been how the mammoths felt as it snowed.. and snowed.. and snowed.. eventually, of course, they were simply buried under several stories of snow..

  2. It seems that even the Russians are being taken by surprise as this years winter has kicked in prematurely and severely. I am told that the drivers had not yet fitted their vehicles with the winter tires. Thus found it difficult to move in the ice and snow that came upon them unexpectedly. We must learn from this incident that winters are getting longer and more severe than has been the case in years past. I envisage that in years to come the Baltic Sea will be frozen all year around thus shipping will no longer be able to enter Leningrad to drop off their cargo. This Russia will have problems getting supplies in from abroad. One can invisage the use of caterpiller track haulage vehicles towing trailers mounted on sleds battling their way through the Ice Age conditions covering the whole of Western Europe too.

  3. bloody well organised to get food and supplies out, rather than leaving a line of vehicles piled up.
    the down to 55km bit…bloody hell thats one hell of a line up well stuck.

    anyone seen the end of the world kits selling in Russia?
    a can of fish two candles matches and a rope..
    :-) dont think its going to save many..

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