Snowfall causes miles-long traffic jam in Germany

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“Very close to the Netherlands, but not a word in the mainstream media,” says reader Argiris Diamantis.

Heavy snowfall and icy roads cause chaos for commuters across Germany on Tuesday morning. On highways in eastern Germany, many travelers had to stop for hours in miles-long traffic jams.

Police and rescue services were busy helping people to move broken-down or overturned vehicles off the snow-blanketed roads. 39800120&videoChannel=117760

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

5 thoughts on “Snowfall causes miles-long traffic jam in Germany”

  1. Yes the left wing media is full of crap – nothing but lies , agenda and sickness……

    I often wonder if NOAA here in the USA is getting bad too. In the past, everyone knew what summer was in 1980s. When it reached 100 degrees here – it was no big deal. We didn’t need “excessive heat warnings” or “heat advisories” whenever the stupid temperature reached that level in July. Now whenever the humidity gets a little high, they now have heat advisories. Duh……we didn’t need any of this back in the early 80’s. Everyone knew when the humidity is high and it’s hot – that it feels uncomfortable. BUT they also changed the wind chill factor chart to make it look warmer in winter !!
    Back in 1989, windchill values were set at
    -75F during the arctic blast of December 22nd in North Dakota. Now they “changed” the formula in recent years so the new windchill chart is much warmer than it used to be. So in the winter when the temperature is 15 below average, why don’t we have a “cold advisory” issued ??

  2. In South Africa we had our last summer the first time in history snow in all the provinces!
    Let’s see our next winter its going to be even worse!!
    People…stock up food and move south!!!

  3. Snow and ice in December is only weather, but a heatwave in July/August is global warming.
    The mainstream media has no credibility.

    Maybe they got so used to cold winters in the last few years that this is now the norm like in the 60s/70s.

    On the other hand Prof. Mojib Latif said it 2000 “Winter with lots of snow and very cold as it was twenty years there will be no more in our latitudes”
    German text:

    2010 “Mojib Latif denies his research supports theory that current cold weather undermines scientific consensus on global warming”

    1. It’s colder now than in 2010, but I don’t think this makes any difference when it comes to “official lies”.

  4. Argiris Diamanantis you are not alone. In Australia to mention SNOW is a crime. In any news media, even the Australian weather agency called BOM, say snow is not wet so they do not say snow in any of their weather warnings anymore. can you believe that. I think they are all feeding of grants. very sad

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