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Denmark’s capital will likely see the highest snowfall amounts from the first snowstorm of the winter.

As southern and central Jutland woke up to a layer of up to 15cm of snow this morning, the flakes were just beginning to fall in the capital. But meteorologists say Copenhagen and northern Zealand could be hardest hit by the first snowstorm of the winter.

Accumulations of up to 20cm are expected in the Greater Copenhagen area from a front system that at its peak during its passage east over Jutland last night was dumping snow at a rate of about 6cm an hour.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in Netherlands for this link


2 Responses to Snowstorm bearing down on Copenhagen

  1. Fleming Kjemtrup Sørensen says:

    Usually the winters in Denmark are mild and cloudy. However, since 2009 the cold from northeast have dominated the weather. It seems we’re heading for a third white Christmas in just 4 years. Normally, it´s 7 in a century..!
    Looks like the coming of a new little ice age…

  2. If it snows in Denmark, will the Dutch media report it, or ignore it and hope it will go away before being noticed?

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