Stevens Pass Ski Area – 48 inches of snow in one day

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That’s four feet! 1.2 meters! In 24 hours! 

Stevens Pass, elevation 4061 feet,  lies about 75 miles east of Seattle, Washington.

Stevens Pass Ski Area, Washington – New Snow 

Since 4am
Overnight 39” / 99.06cm
24 Hours 48” / 121.92cm
48 Hours 69” / 175.26cm
This Season 167” / 424.18cm

Thanks to Josh for this link

4 thoughts on “Stevens Pass Ski Area – 48 inches of snow in one day”

  1. I recognized the post was about Stevens Pass despite the misspelling, because it’s nearby, the closest Cascade pass for those of us living just north of Seattle. then click on Comparison Plot. As of Dec. 9, snow water equivalent looks about 50% ahead of usual, but within the historical recorded range shown on the SWE plot.

    Most of the snow accumulation at Stevens happens in December and January. To get to ice-age-like glacier build up in the area, somehow February and later would have to get more precipitation or the melt season would have to get shorter.

    1. Park Rangers have gone on record as saying that MANY glaciers ARE growing and have been for the past few years. So obviously there is more snow later and the warm seasons ARE getting shorter.

  2. Base elevation at 4061 feet, peak El. about 1800′ higher, FYI
    wow just 3″ shy of 6′,[69″] in 48hrs!
    just above my eyebrows :[)

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