Sweden – December temps are down

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10 C below normal in middle Sweden.

See map showing how much the average temperature differs (in ° C) from the period’s normal average temperature (average 1961-1990).

The analyzes are based on daily observations from 300 stations.


Thanks to Pekke for this link

9 thoughts on “Sweden – December temps are down”

  1. Keep an eye on the Jet Stream. The meanders give arctic cold in one area and tropical warm in another. This is what we have been seeing for the last few years. Weather extremes that the idiots are linking to CO2.

  2. The Jetstream flow is keeping brutally cold air trapped over northwestern Canada and Alaska, and spilling cold air over Britain, and Scandinavia while the US upper Midwest and Texas is exceptionally warm for this time of year. Chicago hit 43 degrees yesterday, while here in southeast Texas at 12:27 on December 8th we are currently at 84 degrees. Summer is back!!! Not a possible little ice age event or even the upcoming main ice age event, just an anomaly of weather. Global warming again??? Is the US headed for another “winter that wasn’t” for 2013????

    1. Yes Dale: I mentioned it earlier how I’m so completely frustrated with the weather here in Texas where you and I both live. 90% of the time this fall it’s been just downright stinkin hot!!! I feel like a disk-jockey when I say “And our record highs just keep on commin!!!” And I honestly can’t remember any record lows here for the last decade or two.

  3. Our Swedish leftist/socialist media are hiding these kind of news from us about what really are happening in our freezing country! By the way, a Nuclear Reactor in Oskarshamn here in Red Sweden will now be shut down due to some “problems” they are not very clear about. Our massmedia talks about higher prices on electricity after the shut down. Not a word about the blackouts this would cause in the next “cold snap” coming soon!

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