Ukraine hit with massive snowfall – 302 towns without power

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One month’s worth of snow overnight.

“Today Moscow was one step away from complete transportation paralysis,” a presenter said on Channel One’s afternoon news.

Colossal amounts of snow fell overnight, making the morning commute into the Russian capital a nightmare, with stop-and-go traffic on most major streets.

Moscow’s Vnukovo airport said on its website that it was forced to close down its landing strip for fifteen minutes every hour in order to clean it and treat it with anti-freezing agents.

The emergency ministry in Tver region northwest of Moscow – where thousands of trucks were stuck over the weekend in a 190-kilometre-long jam on the highway that links Moscow and St. Petersburg – warned that snowfall is once again slowing down transport.

“There is increased risk of traffic jams and accidents due to snowfall,” the ministry said on its website.

In southern Ukraine gusts of wind and snow have led to power outages in 302 towns in 14 out of 27 regions in the country. Kiev and Kherson region in the south were the hardest hit, the emergency ministry said.

Russia’s weather service reported that snowfall will resume again in the Russian capital starting on Friday, with temperatures hovering slightly below zero.

In the Russian Far East one month’s worth of snow fell overnight Tuesday, leading some towns in the region to cancel school.

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13 thoughts on “Ukraine hit with massive snowfall – 302 towns without power”

  1. According to the Druids, in the physical world, opposites attract, but in the spiritual world, like attracts like.

    Ergo, I think it’s safe to say that the warmists are so infused with their beliefs, that if it were to snow ten feet in New York every day this winter, so much snow that the accumulations reach the top of the Chrysler Building by spring, they would still blame everything on global warming. Even if Al Gore, Michael Mann and the IPCC were to admit they were wrong (fat chance) their warmist alarmist followers would disavow them yet still profess faith in their phony-baloney theory.

    They are irrelevant. Worse, they’re a distraction. The real issue is where all this moisture in the atmosphere is coming from. Robert’s theory, that underwater volcanism is heating the oceans, causing massive evaporation, while undoubtedly correct, still can’t account for all the precipitation.

    Sorry, Robert. I love your ‘Not by Fire But but by Ice’ book, it’s a great gift to humanity. But there’s a new theory, it’s being called the Svensmark Hypothesis, that was suppressed for a decade and only proved correct in December, 2011, and it does account for the huge amounts of water in the sky. It fits in very well with everything you wrote about and also accounts for the pre-eminent role of the sun in climate changes.

    Incidentally, there’s more: the Svensmark Hypothesis also explains where all the water in the oceans originated and provides a solution to how to obtain H2O if mankind ever decides to set up colonies in space.

  2. When we start having long term power shortages I hope things don’t get taken to the streets with both sides on the GW Agenda lynching each other.

  3. The one thing I cannot stand about this global warming debate is there seems to be nothing but extremes on both accounts.

    This website for example is an extreme polar opposite of the alarmist agenda and according to the laws of karma opposites attract and this fight will continue until one or both parties decides to form some kind of truce.

    At least weapons are not being used in this fight…………..yet.

    1. This is a website making the case for why the next glacial is coming soon, why would expect anything else from coming here?

    1. Except it means diddly squat without knowing how much snow fell.

      Did they get like 15cm overnight or since they are a high desert is 9cm a big deal?

  4. Isn’t it interesting that every story about record snowfalls is either ignored or met with comments like well its December/Winter – what’d you expect ? from alarmists ?

    But reverse it to Summer with normal extra sunshine and perhaps some tropical air moving in creating some warmth – even if its nothing out of the ordinary – and the story is – See I told you so – we’re all gonna burn- you denier !

    Interesting duplicity don’t you think ?

  5. Anyone know what “massive amounts of snow” amounts to? I must admit that I have never actually read a winter storm report before that didn’t indicate the amount and/or rate at which the snow was falling. I am reminded that an inch or two of snow in southern states amounts to “a massive amount of snow” and cause havoc with driving. I am also reasonably sure it takes quite a bit more than that to bring transportation to a standstill in Russia, but How much IS massive amounts?

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