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“The height of a 2-storey building.” (14 ft – 9 inches) – Snow depths not seen in 20 years.

Snow accumulated to a depth of more than one meter in places – Pyrénées-Atlantiques in Haute-Garonne (Aspe Osseau). Above 1800 meters, snow thickness reached 1.50 meters and 3.10 meters at Gavarnie station located 1850 meters.

At top ski areas and Cauterêts Gavarnie, total snow depth reached nearly 4.50 meters, ie the height of a 2-storey building.

Because of these high accumulations of snow, avalanche danger continues throughout Sunday and part of next week with a very high risk, or maximum (5/5).

The snow is unusual for the season on the whole chain of mountains, especially on the Western Pyrenees with snow depths that had not seen for twenty years.

The equivalent of six months of rain in Paris

Meanwhile, many cities have received between 150 (6 inches) and 300 mm (12 inches) of precipitation, from Biarritz to Mont-de-Marsan through Saint-Girons . In a little more than 10 days – the equivalent of more than two months of rain! At the forefront of Socoa was measured in 15 days the equivalent of six months of rain in Paris.


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9 Responses to Nearly 4½ meters of snow in the French Pyrenees

  1. Argiris Diamantis says:

    The Pyrénées are Europe’s number one in snow dept, but the Alps in Andermatt, Switzerland come quite close with 4 meters of snow. Mammoth CA USA however is beating Europe with 4.93 m of snow.

  2. Laurel says:

    heres a laugh for all
    taday a sth aussie so called scientist was on msm telling us that rainfall was increasing due to warming mainly tropical areas..
    while not so long back warming was going to stop it raining..hmm?
    the item re frances rainfall n volume, gee Queensland in aus some spots got more but many got the same 300mm and we had to have a tropical storm to manage that, so what caused the immense dumps there?

  3. Robertvdl says:

    More (Catalan) Pyrénées


  4. Ysabella says:

    Oh right ! I am living in Pyrénées mountains, proud snow and wins must one year. Since too years down snow is records. Exactly ices, freez incrédible. Kiss of France south-west.

  5. ES says:

    C. Peter Davis says:
    Atmospheric rivers.

    Exactly! There was a 190 knot jet stream that crossed the Atlantic, and then did a U turn over England before it went south through France.

    For those readers interested these two maps give a clear (uncluttered) view of the Atlantic jet streams.



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