Arctic Ice Growth Shatters Previous Records

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175,000 Manhattans of new ice over the last four months. Have you seen this anywhere in the mainstream media?

“Arctic ice area growth since mid-September has shattered the previous record, growing 175,000 Manhattans of new ice over the last four months,” says Steven Goddard.

Meanwhile, Andy Revkin describes the record growth as “record melt.” (See Obama and the Environment: What He Can Do – Expert Advice –

“It only makes sense that ice would melt when the temperature is -30C,” says Goddard.

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28 thoughts on “Arctic Ice Growth Shatters Previous Records”

  1. We have just 34 years of Satellite of records on global ice levels….yet the global warming nut jobs assume…artic sea ice is a record low levels and will not even consider it could have been much lower in the 1950’s and the 1920 to 1940 period who knows what it was like 500 years ago or a 1000 years ago or at 5000 years ago? as for my views there was a step change in 2007 to more northern high lat blocking the jet stream further south more often and what with SC24 so weak…I hope im wrong but a Dalton min at least maybe maunder type….12500 years down the road an ice age is due…unless the cycle thats taken place over several million years has ended….

  2. There you have it !
    Now we have both ice caps beating records – the Antarctic AND Arctic as to ice growth. So much for all the lies last summer on Arctic ice melting to new lows. That was totally inaccurate, as we can see now. And so much for all the disgusting lies on global warming. Anybody even mentioning GW makes me vomit by now. The next ice age is right on track.

  3. Doubt we’ll see alarmists such as Bill McKibben ‘announce the good news’. In their book, ice melt is a disaster, but a refreeze is a travesty. Weird!

  4. Notice that of the 5 greatest growths since 1980 four of them happened after 2008! Of course, this is not on the mainstream media either because it’d suggest that we’ve just entered (since 2008) into a period of strong climate cooling.
    This trend is connected to the low solar radiations of the present cycle C24 and can it only intensify in the years ahead. Pure logic.

    1. I count 9 of the greatest growths since ’93. But it may be misleading because the net growth cannot be determined without comparing to a similar graph charting sea ice area melts over the same time frame. Nevertheless the trend does look upward since 2005, and also over the entire time frame.

      1. Logic tells us that if it was getting “warmer” or at least stable (as the warmists want us to believe) the growth would decrease (sorry for the oxymoron!:-) or have small oscillations.
        The trend to “recover” the previous levels seems obvious, specially in the last few years.
        It’s a climate condition of the region (NP) to balance the warming that happened in the last part of the XX century, despite the strong windy conditions that have caused some record lows in some of the last summers.
        The windy conditions won’t last forever, especially in a period of solar grand minimum, but the colder trend is well defined and should cancel the strong oscillation of ice extent in the summer in a matter of a few years, I believe.

  5. Dateline 2019…Senators (sometimes seen skating to work on the Potomac) finally pass a carbon tax they are certian will prevent global warming!….Homeowners are fined for exceeding their “forest preservation wood use quota” for firing their wood stoves to prevent pipes freezing during numerous power outages….”Frost Fairs” are held on the Charles into April. :)

  6. Anyone know where to find weather reports from the early 1800’s? This seems to be a comparison to the SC24 sunspot levels.

    Also, has anyone seen any updates to the solar torsional oscillation charts? The last I saw seemed to indicate a delay in the start of SC25.


    1. see:
      comparison of sc5 & sc24(which is barely at the halfway point). Real Science(Steven Goddard) occasionally posts articles from 1800’s but he posts often so you may have to do a lot of scrolling to find them. Try a google search on 17thC weather records.
      Also, we will not know how delayed SC25 will be until SC24 comes to a definitive end. Some have been saying SC25 may not really manifest itself at all, which I guess would be looking like most of SC5(minimum, small peaks – the dashed line in the above .png image).
      Looks like Chicago finally broke its snow drought, with 1+” snow overnight into this morning(Sat 2/2/13). A few more clipper systems are set to drag across the area into Tuesday, leaving us with between 4 to 6 inches(forecast) of new snow, thus breaking the 300 plus something days of no snowfall over one inch. This is good news for the farmers and natural vegetation in the area, as well as rivers, wetlands and streams that ultimately feed the Mississippi. Slight warming expected towards the end of the coming week.

      1. I believe we’re heading for another Maunder, due to the Livingston-Penn effect, but Geoff Sharp doesn’t seem to like it very much.

  7. I would take this a little more seriously if they included data on the ice thickness. Area covered means very little if it is only a few meters thick. Volume is more important than area.

  8. Temperatures are likely to drop even further below normal next month throughout the Nordic region, according experts from Weather Services International (WSI). WSI officials said that a high-pressure pattern is to persist over the arctic through to February, continually pushing frigid, dry air southward over Scandinavia, as well as toward Russia, the Baltic states and Britain.

  9. Looking at 2009/2010 on the Arctic ice growth, the high peaks here are because of the minimum turning point of the solar cycle.
    I can just imagine if we stay at the low sun-spot cycle for years to come how this ice will grow???It will more than double what we see now!!

  10. Wow! look at that!!
    Looking at the fast down-trend of the solar cycle we are in the maunder,dalton or similar sooner than we thought? Now it’s going down and down and colder and colder…

  11. “record melt” –> cooling is warming;
    it’s like this – i’ve got a pen, and it’s black because it’s white.
    Easy and simple to remember.

  12. Robert where does this fit in in your theories of the coming ice age? Do you think the reason the left side of the artic took so long to catch up with the rest of artic mean more volcanic activity in the atlantic as a preview of what is to come?

  13. I find the use of “Manhattans” as a unit of measure somewhat confusing. My first reaction is that a drink made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters only needs a few ice cubes to chill it well. As for Odumbo. He’s a compulsive pathological liar. Whatever he says is always a lie.

  14. But the Sea Ice growth this year does not count! We all know that the only Sea Ice that counts is that Ice which is over 5 to 10 year old (Old Sea Icc).

  15. Hey what about the polar bears ? Surely they are dying en-masse in the greatest ever Arctic ice freeze and growth ? And as you would expect, the freezing is now the melting according to the cult of warm.

    1. I read somewhere the Polar Bears are brazenly coming into towns and peeking thru windows and such. Probably hoping to find someones pet dog, when they’re not digging thru the garbage cans.

      A “Manhattan” of ice? Sounds like an arbitrary measurement. How thick is a manhattan of ice? I know, I know, poking fun at tv news people who conjure up ridiculous comparisons to aghast the public. But on the other hand a Manhattan of ice isn’t very much if referring to the drink. 😉

    2. they must be Zombie bears that are now invading the eskimos villages in numbers then:-)
      the locals arent happy from an item I read elsewhere, sorry- brainfart as to where?
      far from vanishing theyre becoming a real and very present danger to people dogs and I would think to traffic such as they manage to have in such cold n snow,.

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