Britain Blanketed by Snow in New Satellite Image

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Unusually frigid and snowy conditions blanketed much of Great Britain in snow earlier this month, as shown in this image taken by NASA’s Terra satellite on Jan. 26.


As of the afternoon of Jan. 21, Redesdale Camp, Scotland, was the nation’s leader in snowfall, with 11 inches (29 centimeters), Accuweather reported. Earlier Accuweather reported that 8 inches (20 cm) had fallen in Sennybridge, Wales, and 6 inches (15 cm) in Dunkeswell, in the southwest of England. The snows closed many schools and forced flight cancellations and delays at London’s Heathrow Airport.

“Snow is a relatively uncommon sight, particularly in the southern parts of Great Britain,” says this yahoo article.

See entire article:

In interactive map where you can zoom in for a closer look:

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6 thoughts on “Britain Blanketed by Snow in New Satellite Image”

  1. An interesting, but now quite out of date picture. Only a few days later nearly all the snow was washed away by heavy rain, causing flooding in many areas, as wet Atlantic weather pushed the continental cold back east. The snow cover was the result of Britain being the battle ground between the two. This is not an uncommon winter pattern, and looks like being repeated in February. Mostly, temperatures were not particularly cold, and in a lot of places lying snow was almost gone before the next fall arrived. The much increased precipitation should be the real story at the moment, but it’s still mostly falling as rain, for now!
    If we have similar weather patterns in the future, but with temperatures a couple of degrees colder, it really will be worthy of a news story. We have just had a demonstration that Britain can barely cope with only a few inches of snow. I don’t want to knock the hard work of services clearing snow and attempting to keep things running, but the media tells it as if some major battle has been won. Our problem is that we are a small, very overcrowded island, with a centralised distribution network based on roads running at full or over capacity. Stop that up with a touch of a real continental winter that lasts more than a couple of weeks, and we will be in trouble.

  2. It didn’t last that long this year. We’ve just had three days of gales, mild temperatures and massive melt.

  3. The interactive shot isa interesting, in that when you zoom in you get a realy good sence of the urban heat affect.

  4. According to Prof. Piers Corbyn the UK/Europe is due a repeat of this from the early days of February on. His latest snippet states ’29Jan 13.30utc
    MASSIVE COLD BLASTS ON WAY for Britain+Ireland, Europe and USA as Polar Strato-Warming Effect develops on WeatherAction cue.’

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