California temperatures to hit 6-year low

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Strawberry growers covered their crops while San Diego zookeepers turned on heaters for the chimpanzees as Californians braced for a cold snap expected to drop temperatures to a six-year low.

Nightly temperatures could drop below the freezing point in coastal areas, the low deserts and inland valleys, threatening orange and avocado orchards, strawberries, flowers and other sensitive plants in the state’s major agricultural areas.

he National Weather Service predicted overnight lows in the 20s in the lower deserts and key citrus-growing regions in the Central Valley, and in the 30s along the coast, threatening crops

Meanwhile, motorists were warned of snow in the mountains down to 2,000 feet. Snow briefly closed the Grapevine section of Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles twice on Thursday.

Snow fell Thursday in the mountains of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Chains were required on all vehicles.

“If everyone had a decent jacket it would be no big deal,” joked J.P. Pierre, owner of Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in the beach town of Leucadia, “but everyone is walking around in flip flops.”

Question. With so many California food crops threatened, do you have your food supply? Or will you be one of the ones fighting for food?



6 thoughts on “California temperatures to hit 6-year low”

  1. I’ve checked out the website.
    The HAARP activity in California and Nevada have been the 7 to 8 range. I believe that HAARP is being used to direct Arctic winds down into California. Ehat really worries me is this HAARP activity could set off a eruption of the Longs Valley Super volcano. There have been swarms eathquakes under Mammoth Mtn. which is near Longs Valley.
    Also people in SoCal aren’t really awarn of whar freezing temp can do to water pipes that aren’t insulated will burst because of the freezing water in the pipes.

  2. Most people are NOT ready for what’s coming Robert but we are more ready than most, for which I give YOU the thanks! I am just heading out to prep the greenhouse for early crops! Best investment ever.. last year, I was cropping tomatoes by the first week of June and continued until mid-November.. I still have fresh toms in the garage, I dried 120 lbs of them and canned around 200 lbs into pasta-type sauces. Dried around 100 lbs of fresh berries and currants from the garden.. froze a bunch more. With rising grain prices, I bulk-bought flours and brans for bread, cakes, cookies and pastry making (dirt cheap when you make your own!), and vac-packed/sealed them into 7lb bags.. I have about a 2 year supply of food now in the root cellar! We super-insulated this house as soon as we moved in (3″ of urethane foam sprayed under the roof deck) and reduced our power bills.. electric, propane and wood.. by 80%. We generate our own electricity (LOVE those zero electric bills!) and have a large back-up in place for when the power fails.. and it has, on many occasions!

  3. Good morning from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.The cold weather predicted for the UK has arrived!No snow yet at this level but we do have freezing fog,and a thick white frost!

  4. Its cold here in the San Fran bay area. Relatively speaking that is. About 43F this am. Not exactly bone chilling.

  5. We went to Disneyland in the winter of 2000 and came home through highway 99 up to Oregon which looking west towards 1-5 in southern California we saw white streaks from the clouds for a couple of hours.

    Dad heard from the radio later that it snowed up and down 1-5 in that area causing a massive amount of wrecks and if we had chosen 1-5 instead of 99 we would’ve been stuck there for hours.

    While we were on highway 99 thru Bakersfield and Fresno it was sunny feeling rather warm despite it being winter and looking west it was dark with white streaks coming down.

    There was also snow increasing on the Grapevine.

    This was during the late winter of 2000 if you missed my sentence about it.

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