Croatia snowfall shatters record set in 1861 – Video

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“Just want to inform you about epochal snow event in Croatian capital Zagreb (SE Europe),” says reader Mihael Krstic.

“We have new record snow depth for January set to 68cm (27 inches) beating previous 49cm (19 inches) and all of that in just 24 hours! That’s biggest snowfall from 1861.

“More snow is on the way until end of the week!

See stunning photos:–najvise-otkako-postoje-mjerenja—/1078638/

Thanks to Mihael Krstic for these links

6 thoughts on “Croatia snowfall shatters record set in 1861 – Video”

  1. Yeah, btw, snow stopped by now, but the funny and ironic part is that Croatian government is introducing new CO2 taxes. On top of the ones we have already. And all to try to stop global warming… btw there’s 4,5 mil of us here in Croatia. 😀

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