Extreme Cold: Hydro-Québec reports record electricity consumption

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Crown corporation anticipates another historical peak demand Thursday morning.
Hydro-Québec posted a consumption record Wednesday and the Crown corporation anticipates another historical peak demand Thursday morning.

Preliminary evaluations show that the historical peak, recorded Wednesday morning was 38 910 MW, breaking the old record set on 24 January 2011.

This new record was beaten yet again in the evening, with 39,120 MW.

Crown corporation, which provides the needs of Quebec, expects consumption to reach yet another historical peak of 39,500 MW on Thursday morning.

Hydro-Quebec wants to reduce consumption during peak hours, on Thursday, 7 am to 9 am.

• The most effective measures to be applied are as follows:
• reduce the heating of one to two degrees (Celsius) in all parts of the house, especially those that are unoccupied;
• See a few hours use of major appliances, especially the dryer and dishwasher;
• if possible, limit the use of hot water.

Hydro-Québec wishes to set an example by reducing the heating and lighting in all its offices in Quebec. The logo and the wall of the office will be off.


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2 thoughts on “Extreme Cold: Hydro-Québec reports record electricity consumption”

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  2. Imagine that, a utility company that wants you to not consume their product. 😉 I know, it’s cold, and supply cannot keep up with demand.

    Things are looking quite stark for Eurasia. If this is how the world slips into a glacial epoch of the current ice-age, yet this is only the first or second year of such brutal cold, and we may have 30 or more years of these kinds of winters??
    GW sounding more attractive to many about now.

    In other news, I saw that Salt Lake City had freezing rain today that stopped the airport…
    188 car crashes…

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