It really feels like the start of a mini ice age, says London Mayor

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“The Telegraph’s” Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, puts his personal observations about the recent winters in the UK, into a column titled, “It’s snowing, and it really feels like the start of an ice age.”

“I say all this because I am sitting here staring through the window at the flowerpot and the bashed-up barbecue, and I am starting to think this series of winters is not a coincidence. The snow on the flowerpot, since I have been staring, has got about an inch thicker. The barbecue is all but invisible.

“By my calculations, this is now the fifth year in a row that we have had an unusual amount of snow; and by unusual I mean snow of a kind that I don’t remember from my childhood: snow that comes one day, and then sticks around for a couple of days, followed by more.”

Could it be the sun?

“It is time to consult once again the learned astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn.

“Now Piers has a very good record of forecasting the weather. He has been bang on about these cold winters. Like JMW Turner and the Aztecs he thinks we should be paying more attention to the Sun. According to Piers, global temperature depends not on concentrations of CO2 but on the mood of our celestial orb.

“It might be time for government to start taking seriously the possibility — however remote — that Corbyn is right. If he is, that will have big implications for agriculture, tourism, transport, aviation policy and the economy as a whole. Of course it still seems a bit nuts to talk of the encroachment of a mini ice age.

“But it doesn’t seem as nuts as it did five years ago. I look at the snowy waste outside, and I have an open mind.” 

– Boris Johnson

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40 thoughts on “It really feels like the start of a mini ice age, says London Mayor”

  1. Just read about this low pressure off the coast of Greenland and the u.k that had a very low reading in region. I am starting to wonder if this huge low pressure maybe shifting to the southwest toward canada and eastern north america…. we are starting to get some sudden wind gust here in the southeast and are becoming more frequent from the northwest…..Hmm starting to wonder if its possible that a blizzard maybe in the works for us here in the next 10-24 hrs from now in the southeast and eastern seaboard. They are predicting the possibilty of a minor wintry mix friday night but im starting to wonder if their predictions for this will be off in a big way! we will see…. nevertheless our abnormal warmth must come to a end in the states…… Even during a Worldwide ice age north america is usually always the last to feel the longterm effects of the onset of a new iceage,,,,this has been noted in Ice core records…another advent that seems to occur before an advent of a iceage is a sudden loss or decline of pines…this has been noted in some fossil records.I was once told by my fathers friend who is a chemist, and also a “brilliant and nice person!!!” that a increase in pines trees were responsible for helping warm the planet up…We have lost a massive amount of these trees to diseases and wildfires out west and now we have been recently starting to experience a decline here in eastern us now.If any of this proves to be true and indeed ties into what helps usher in colder weather and ice ages we are in for some big trouble!:( Stay warm!

  2. Thanks for responding, Andrew. It isn’t my theory; it’s part of Henrik Svensmark’s cosmic ray hypothesis. You should look it up.

    For the glaciers to return, there has to be untold quantities of water in the atmosphere. Where will that water come from? Robert has postulated underwater volcanoes heating the oceans and evaporating sea water into clouds. Svensmark says it’s cosmic rays interacting with atmospheric vapors (sulphuric acid being the most widespread), to create the clouds.

    Cosmic rays are the source of the water on this planet (my theory) and of the ice that cometh soon (Svensmark’s hypothesis).

    1. Richard D,
      I am well aware of Svensmark. I was only referring to your statement that the entire northern hemisphere is covered in clouds, it isn’t. Yet.

      Water from the Sun, and space, is an interesting hypothesis which may have validity. I read somewhere about the Hydrogen protons that come from the sun and combine with freed Oxygen(from Ozone and CO2) high in the atmosphere and create H2O. In the case of CO2 interaction, this would free up C to fall to earth. This also goes a way to explaining why water on earth has not all been blasted out to space by the incessant solar winds, of course, magnetism has something to do with that as well. Mars for example.

  3. These so-called “scientists” are nothing more than left wingers trying to promote their screwy agenda. Unfortunately, most people are as stupid as people were in the 9th century and believe anyone who calls themselves a “scientist”. These “scientists” are nothing more than the white, asian and black man’s modern day version of the American Indians’ Medicine Men. They already have people convinced that they can control their health. Now, all they have to do is convince people that they can control the weather. In other words, they want you to believe that they are in control of Mother Nature. Just like the Medicine Men. By having you believe that they can control nature, then they can control you. I eat opposite of what the left wing dictates. At 55, I am in perfect health with no medications whatsoever and no wrinkles and rumples. I’m normal weighted for my height. I pass off as in my late 20s. I eat loads of animal fat, such as lard and beef suet AND PROUD OF IT! I listen to nature, not the left wing democrats. And I believe in the ice age. Global warming is for brain dead fools.

    1. Gail, you and I are on the exact same page. I wonder if the root motivation for getting people to believe cholesterol is an evil poison is that, if they don’t avoid it, they will continue to be able to think logically.

      I have felt for a long time that the AGW-ers are just like those who called for cutting the hearts out of people as a “sacrifice” to “fix” the weather.

      Or they are like the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (from the book by Mark Twain) who was successful in saving his own (and King Arthur’s) life by claiming that he had caused an eclipse of the sun. [Great story–we all should read it!] He got the people to believe that he was some kind of mighty wizard.

      People just looked stunned when I tell them that we didn’t cause so-called “global warming” and we can’t stop it.

      I’m beginning to think there’s something about a weak sun that makes people’s minds weak, too!

  4. Chemtrails serve as small-scale examples of the intriguing process by which the entire Northern Hemisphere is covered in clouds these days, the same process that sooner or later will bring a new ice age, mini or maxi.

    Cloud condensation nuclei (and therefore, clouds) are created mostly out of the ultrafine, lighter-than-air specks of sulphuric acid that permeate the atmosphere. The clouds are created through a process called ion seeding.

    In the case of chemtrails, the ions are charged atoms and molecules that come from from burned aircraft fuel. As they exit the plane their electrical charges cause specks of sulphuric acid and other vapors to come together and form water molecules. It’s a small scale effect when compared to the creation of cloud condensation nuclei from the primary source of weather on earth, outer space.

    When it comes to the billions of tons of moisture being conjured up every day in the atmosphere, the ions that create the clouds come from cosmic rays. These are the clouds that block out the sun and cool the planet.

    Cooling, the kind that results in ice ages, isn’t caused by a decrease in radiant energy from the sun, it’s caused by clouds.

    Space weather, coming soon to a planet near you.

    1. A problem with your thesis is that the entire Northern Hemisphere is not covered in clouds. I’ve seen many days this winter where strong high pressure brought a nearly cloudless day. On these days jet contrails do form but dissipate almost immediately, mere thousands or hundreds of feet behind the planes.

  5. Boris Johnson rowing back from a position of luke warmist to pragmatic agnosticism should be a cause for some celibration.
    Ed Miliband the ex Labour Climate Secretary and his now shadow cabinet were responsible for the imposition of the AGW policies that are ruining the UK today, whilst Cameron the faux greenie and Clegg the buffoon continue to support a huge earner for their immediate families and friends.
    If, as we all hope, a denouement of this scam occurs in the next two years, only Boris, Nigel Farage and the handful who voted NO! in the 2008 Climate Bill will stand untainted amongst the wreckage of British politics.
    Data that falsify the AGW scam are accumulating at an ever increasing pace, faster than can be managed by those of our politicians whose gullibility is now exposed to all but the brain dead amongst the electorate.
    Time for a classicist, pragmatic logician.
    In short, it is time for Boris!

  6. No one on earth knows what “the start of a mini ice age feels like” so his remarks are nonsense.

    Both the impending ice age theorists and the man made global warming theorists both make the same mistake. They say “if present trends continue where will we be in x years?”
    The only problem is that present trends rarely continue.
    If you said to them that “the sun has gone down, if present trends continue we’ll be in darkness forever” they would fall about laughing. But that is about the same as their “catastrophic warming” scenario.

    The world is slipping into deep stupidity and ignorance. It is likely that MMGW will continue to be peddled as informed resistance is insufficiently numerous and everyone else is too tired, too stressed and too stupid to think differently.

    1. “The sun has gone down, if present trends continue we’ll be in darkness forever.” I love that line.

      Just for the record, when I talk about the impending ice age, I’m not talking about “present trends.” I’m talking about the well-established ice-age cycles that have returned on schedule for millions of years.

      1. David,
        It`s the warmists who tend to pick a line and extrapolate it to eternity . Sceptics and , for want of a better term , coolists , are well aware of the cyclic nature of these things rather than focusing on short term trends .The reporting here of record cold events acts as a counterbalance to the MSM cold is weather , Warm is global warming hysteria

        To use Your analogy of the sun going down it`s a bit like it`s 1:30 PM and the warmists are screaming:

        “if the temperature trend from 8:30am to 1:00PM continues We`re all gonna burn”


        “We know it can`t be the sun as the hottest 2 hours in history have happened in the last 3 hours and the sun isn`t as high as it was an hour ago ”

        The problem is the warmists don`t know the night is coming and it`s a long , long night `till it rises again

  7. Hi,

    For once Boris Johnson has come out with an exceptionally coherent sensible statement which will be frowned upon by any political party not just his Conservative party as the green vote is the political gold mine. What with every green tax being based on the AGW lie articles like this throws every into question.

    Unfortunately, although the man himself is extremely well educated the media seems to have an uncanny knack of showing him as a babbling idiot which in turn will mean this article will be dismissed as one of his flights of fancy.
    If it were you or I we would be considered mad were as he comes across as being eccentric.

    As said previously he has written a valid article which will unfortunately be dismissed by some as complete poppycock. Whether he has inadvertently started nailing his own political coffin only time will tell as you know those who make such statements are ostracised from the mainstream and branded as deniers.

  8. The eco-fascists/alarmists/activists who are now renamed ‘scientists’ have already blamed record winter temps, snow, ice and hundreds of deaths across Europe and Asia on ‘the melting polar ice, which forces colder air southwards which leads to more precipitation….’

    So a trace chemical is causing the Arctic to melt, except that 2013 vs. 1958 [when records began] it is clear that the Arctic is doing very well, and is not melting at all.

  9. The real question is when everyone says “mini ice age,” is that a belief or a hope? How does one tell the difference at this stage?

  10. Additional snow fell in Belfast last night but because of the cloud cover, temperatures refused to drop below +1C and a very slow thaw is underway. Still, this is our fifth consecutive day with lying snow. That was unusual even in the colder winters of the 1960’s-70’s.

  11. i have been following piers corbyn with great admiration for several years. johnson’s op-ed is wonderful — it is inconceivable that a mayor of any major city in the u.s. could come up with such an intelligent poke in the eye of the climatists!

    i hope eco-geek (above) is correct that boris is giving a wink and a nod to political denoument of leftist climate craziness.

  12. They keep saying record heatwave in Australia,”Rubbish”this is summer in Australia no hotter than a normal summer.
    The reading in Sydney the other day at Sydney airport
    was the highest in the state,higher than towns in the interior of the state,whats at the airport,concrete and jet engines.
    They are desperate to keep this going,they will saying anything.
    Several years ago they said it would not rain again and the rivers would not flow again,then record rain.

  13. Wow! great pick guys & girls. Boris is a serious PM contender and Cameron knows it.

    I’ve said all along the Brits will leave the EU because of weather…they cannot abide Brussels dictating food security & land use policies, let alone allowing hordes of eastern & central Europeans into their country to get on the dole.

    1. Bill, Oh I Wish! As long as the Brits have got Coronation Street and Celebrity Idol in the Jungle on tv, together with endless cheap alcohol, then the majority won’t/don’t get off their butts to vote any more. In the 2009 round of local elections which I took part in, we had a 27% turnout. The LibLabCon is a Cerberus.. one beast with three heads. This globalist monster has sold out Britain’s soul to the EU for the past 40 years.. Cultural Marxism has been rampant for 40 years under all shades of government.. Common Purpose has infiltrated EVERY layer of government from Brussels on down, yet almost no-one is aware of what has brought Britain to its knees and it is WAY too late now for the brainwashed dullards to understand!

  14. Little of topic , but something I ran across on Prof John Brignell`s Numberwatch site titled “pop quiz”

    “You have made some observations and calculations, which show that humanity is doomed unless it changes its ways. You have total belief in the accuracy of your predictions. Do you:

    (a) Announce your results, but keep your workings secret for fear that someone will criticise them.

    (b) Announce your results, but set up a group of companies to make yourself mega-rich on the back of the scare you have created.

    (c) Drop everything, including secrecy and profit, and devote yourself to saving the human race.”

    This makes Me ask Myself the question , are there ANY leading warmists at all who DON`T fall into category A and B .

    And it`s fairly obvious Robert here falls squarely into category C

    Keep up the good work Bob

  15. In fact back in Thanksgiving I notice the weather stations around me were saying clear skies while at the same time the webcams were showing high clouds with no sunshine.

    I asked why there was such a difference between the weather conditions and the webcams and got teased for it.

    I decided to leave the blog for good.

  16. Has anybody been noticing lately in the summer time chem trails seem to be on the increase?

    Jet trails last maybe 20 mins tops but I’ve seen jet trails that stay around for hours turning a clear sky into grey overcast unpredicted.

    The jet trails will slowly get bigger and bigger.

    On weather blogs if I mention them I get teased.

    1. No teasing here – I have heard that the chem trails can actually start to form clouds – here they can stay for hours and often merge – I am in Oregon, near Portland

    2. Chem trails? I go for long walks early in the morning. High altitude jets pass over this area all the time. When the upper atmosphere is dry the contrails are short or non-exixtent. When the upper atmosphere is moist, the contrails are long, stretching nearly from horizon to horizon. When the winds aloft are quiet, the contrails take a long time to dissipate. When there are strong winds aloft they drift, spread, and dissipate quickly.

    3. “On weather blogs if I mention them I get teased.”

      As You should

      The jet trails or contrails are the same stuff clouds are made out of , i.e. water vapour . they can form from wing tip vortices or water vapour in engine exhaust when the air is cold enough and saturated enough that any additional water vapour or abrupt pressure shifts will cause it to condense out .

      In other words the air is right on the verge of forming clouds anyway so with no wind the trails can sit almost undisturbed for a long time as the air is too saturated to absorb any additional moisture and in some cases it can act as a trigger point for cloud formation a little earlier than would have happened naturally

      1. If this is true why are they now a problem and not for the last 30,50, years or how evere long jets have been around. I remember when I was a kid the only planes that left smoke/cloud behind them were sign writing planes. There were none of what is happening now, THInK

    4. Kyle ,
      WW2 footage of contrails forming on B-17s , They`d hardly be making them deliberately as back then as the last thing You would want to do as a bomber pilot and crew is make Yourself more visible .

  17. Of course, WE know he’s right but THAT won’t go down really well with his Conservative Party bosses and their global agenda.. the last time he got a slap on the wrist from them he had referred to black-skinned children as “picaninnies” with “water melon smiles”!!

  18. I have been looking at rutgers lab global snow cover,
    the albedo effect must be enormous this year.
    I am wondering now, if abrupt climate change that has happened before might be tied in to jet stream shifts.

  19. Hello all
    Just a quick comment, I’m sitting here in the UP of michigan the temp is -15 F wind chill around -30 something, everyone should hope it is warming one has to worry about, I was just out side after a few moments my face hurts, I have 2 jackets and a parka on and very good gloves, the wind which is blowing around 15 mph starts to cut through it all, I spent very happy days in the IOW but I can not see how many homes there and in england could be livable in this kind of weather. I hope if nothing else the UK gov. will start to think about upgrading homes which will help with heat but even more with killing cold, if you wait it will be a real problem. Look at what is going on in russia and china weather wise.

  20. People listen to Johnson. He is sowing the seeds of the political end of AGW in typical Boris fashion. The scientific end is already past.

    He is showing the politicians the way out. The definitive end will likely start in the UK where it started with Thatcher’s war on the coal miners union. Many Conservatives will be all too pleased to see the back of the watermelons and those hated windmills.

    What happens internationally depends on this country more than any other including the USA.

    Great Britain will call time on Global Warming, Obama will meekly follow. The paradigm shift starts here and most countries are already ahead of us just awaiting the final word.

    1. I agree with the first paragraph, but the others are very interesting too.
      The mayor obviously made a political statement by writing this article, which he’d not have made if it was “dangerous”.

  21. Yes indeed, it snowed all day yesterday. A fine snow, not heavy flakes, but it still built up to approximately 3 – 4 inches in depth.

    Being England, today the snow started to thaw, and now it’s very slushy outside, I hope it does not freeze overnight as this will result in creating a very dangerous skating rink.

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