Forget global warming – Alaska headed for an ice age

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“Defiant as ever, the state that gave rise to Sarah Palin is bucking the mainstream yet again,” says this article in the Alaska Dispatch.

The thought that Alaska may be headed into an ice age “may not be news to Alaskans coping with another round of 50-below during the coldest winter in two decades,” the article continues. Nor would it be news to the “mariners locked out of the Bering Sea this spring by record ice growth.”

“In the first decade since 2000, the 49th state cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s a “large value for a decade,” say scientists G. Wendler, L. Chen and B. Moore of the Alaska Climate Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

According to Wendler et al, the cooling is widespread — holding true for 19 of the 20 National Weather Service stations sprinkled from one corner of Alaska to the other.

In a report published this year in The Open Atmospheric Science Journal (link below), “the cooling is most significant in Western Alaska, where King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula saw temperatures drop most sharply, a significant 4.5 degrees for the decade.”

“Researchers blame the Decadal Oscillation, an ocean phenomenon that brought chillier surface water temperatures toward Alaska. Some contend the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is harming the state’s king salmon runs, too.

“People have noticed the new chill in King Salmon, but slightly colder  temperatures don’t bother you much when you’re already bundled up for 20-below, said Don Hatten, the National Weather Service forecaster there. Most noticeable was that for the first time last year, the Bering Sea ice shelf extended south nearly to the edge of the Alaska Peninsula, he said.

Will Alaska’s frigid spell last long? The researchers don’t know.

See entire article:
Thanks to Keith Phillips for this link 

See report by G. Wendler, L. Chen and B. Moore:

“The First Decade of the New Century:
A Cooling Trend for Most of Alaska”

Alaska Climate Research Center, Geophysical Institute,
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK 99775, USA 



22 thoughts on “Forget global warming – Alaska headed for an ice age”

  1. I wonder if the geomagnetic activity is what kept the USA mild at night this year so far?

    During fall we have had unusual amount of CME’s from the sun.

  2. And the PDO attributed to this Alaskan Ice Age is driven by — drum roll please — THE SUN.

    I guess the agw crowd has given up on their inverse thermodynamic theory that manmade CO2 warming causes cooling.

  3. Stop showing off your ignorance. There is no such thing as global warming – what will happen and is happening is new records at the extremes – and that is precisely what is predicted.

  4. Climate is complicated as all planetary bodies in the solar system are increasing in both temperature and luminance possibly due to Nibiru and its effects on the sun. The Earth like everywhere else is warming up.

    However the overall general trend is still cooling towards an ice age due the normal Earth cycle though this will be affected by the change in Earth orbit around the sun and that of the moon.

    The change in solar output that some scientists report includes that of solar flare/coronal mass ejections (cme) and sun spot activity in addition to isotopic decay that is now variable and dependent upon solar activity.

  5. What you don’t understand about “global warming” is that it doesn’t mean every place in the world warms up. It means some places will get colder while other places get hotter, however it’s the average over the whole planet that warms. So to say one area is colder there for there is no Global Warming is ignorant. The area that will go into an ice age is North Eastern America, Europe and Alaska while the rest of the world sees a huge increase in warming. Once the three areas are a few miles under ice then the warming will slow and we’ll be well into the next ice age.

    1. What I do understand about ‘global warming’ is that it is not man-made. Our climate runs in cycles, and those cycles would return whether humans existed on this planet or not. The rest is a hoax.

    2. Err, you’re forgetting that the S. Pole icecap has been increasing for the last 33 years, steadily(!), and the trend has accelerated after 2008, no warming can explain that, but the solar radiations can.
      At this moment the cooling trend is manifesting worldwide, and it’s probably indicating the beginning of a new Bond cycle.

  6. Isn’t this the same as saying “My freezer is freezing”?
    How much colder can it get in Alaska?
    Well, a few degrees anyway is a normal cycle I’m sure.

    I know a president who is just as cold and I don’t see anyone trying to fix that!

  7. Yeah, but don’t forget. Whether it gets colder or warmer, the alarmists will STILL say it’s because of global warming (or climate change, take your pick).

    They like to have their bases covered so that no matter what happens, they can sit back and say, “See?? We were right!!”

  8. Yes!!! absolutley!
    The solar trend is only starting to go down now so looking at 2014 full swing?
    I am so happy I live in the southern hemisphere!!

  9. The referenced article says it is “well-known” that sunspot/solar activity has an effect on temperatures in Alaska. So they plot SSN and temp anomalies.

    News to the IPCC ….

  10. It is critical that all those posts by all those reserarchers, politicians, govenment officials on “global warming” be copied to thumb drives. As it becomes obvious that a cool down is in the making, the stooges in the FBI, CIA and NSA will do their patriotic duty to wipe clean all those posts that show them to be what they are – SERIOUSLY WRONG!

    As energy and food proces soar and the PEOPLE become very, very angry, do not expect the govenment or any IVY League Univerisity to take the high ground and admit Felix and others like his were correct in thier analysis. They will do what they always do, TRY TO TAKE CREDIT FOR AND FIND SCAPEGOATS TO BLAME.

    If by chance this is not a full blown cooling, this event can be used to knock these over paid elitists off their perch. If it is a full blown ice age, then at least we can make sure that LEGQALLY they get what food and energy is left after people like Felix have what they need. The dumb should be the first to go- It is the way of nature.

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