Germans stealing trees to keep warm

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With energy costs escalating, more Germans are turning to wood burning stoves for heat. That, though, has also led to a rise in tree theft in the country’s forests. Woodsmen have become more watchful.

The Germany’s Renters Association estimates the heating costs will go up 22 percent this winter alone.

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11 thoughts on “Germans stealing trees to keep warm”

  1. German liberals have scrapped energy industries to put up “solar” and “wind” frauds. Maybe after a few years of freezing the German people will be smart enough to vote them out, but don’t count on it. Liberal is a psychosis.

  2. Best source of heat is an outside furnace that burns both wood and coal. It transfers heat via insulated pipes to the house or whatever you are heating. I have lines to both my house and greenhouse but the latter usually runs on its own propane heater because it is hard for the boiler to keep up with two buildings during frigid weather.
    This morning it is in the single digits in Western PA and it is barely keeping up with the house. I saved some large odd sized peices of oak for this occasion and put extra coal on top of the wood late last night. My house is old and poorly insulated. I am slowly upgrading as time and resources allow.

    Outside boilers are great. They can burn green wood which actually burns slower and more efficiently. The other good thing is that combustion takes place outdoors so there is no worry about carbon monoxide or setting the house on fire. There are more advanced models that are duel fueled and can burn gas for backup. It is good to do that outside too.

    My backup is the original system- oil fired hot water. It was easy to integrate the outside system via a heat exchanger in the basement. When there is a problem with the outside system – or it runs out of wood- I can fall back on oil heat which also becomes the heat source for the transitional weather of spring and late fall.

  3. Green doing something previously only the commies were able to do: Make a country full of Germans poor, unable to even heat their homes.

    Germany is being reduced to 17th century living standards one step at a time.

  4. Northern Germany is underlain by oil and gas bearing shale. Scary lies about fracturing are preventing its development. So, fork over the cash for expensive imported fuel or throw another log on the fire!

  5. As I am getting a wood burning stove installed and I have researched the subject, all I can say is that if they don’t know what they are doing they are asking for big problems. If someone thinks they can just chop a tree down and chuck it onto the fire they’ll get rather more than they bargained for. Main problem is burning green wood that hasn’t dried right through will eventually lead to a chimney fire. They might as well just save their money and set their sofas alight in the lounge and warm themselves around that. Either way the result will be the same: push up the daisies syndrome…

    1. Alive while risking a chimney fire is better than dead while waiting for wood to season. Burning things for warmth isn’t for the benefit of the flue, but for the preservation of life.

  6. That’s not all people will do when oppressive elite ungodly people rule. They will also fight to be free from this kind of unjust leadership.I pray that morally sound leaders will regain control of the policy making and give the people relief from the warmers foolishness,it is killing innocent people to have the power to rule by immoral humanistic control freaks.
    God bless the people and may he grant them justice and peace through his wisdom.

  7. Silly warmists wanting all this expensive green energy for less CO2 emissions, now more could be produced after people cant afford it and go back to wood burning lol

  8. I do hope the poor and cold German people DO remember to thank their ecoloons n green agw folks for pushing their costs up.
    however its a LOT odd that germanys building new coal plants so the power should be plentiful and cheap, ditto the use of Gazprom oil gas..
    somethings a bit wierd there cost wise isnt it?
    price gouging..
    and I also noted that the EU carbon price is DROPPING like a stone.
    so whats the increse about you would have to ask.

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