Greatest Snow on Record for December

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This image from the Rutgers Snow Lab shows that there was so much snow in the Northern Hemisphere that it broke a December record.

Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link

You can check out the December numbers here if you like:


13 thoughts on “Greatest Snow on Record for December”

  1. What I find very interesting is that here in Australia we are getting record heatwaves, high fire danger alerts in three states, and all this while the northern hemisphere is having this record severe cold. I’m reminded of the fact that during the transition to ice age, the climate becomes unstable with greater extremes in both directions. Also I wonder if it is significant that these extremes are happening in respective hemispheres at the same time, as if perhaps there is becoming some sort of separation going on between the hemispheres, in particular I’m thinking about the slowing of the Gulf Stream, which is part of a much larger system which transitions through both hemispheres and runs close to Australia, cooling the equatorial regions and warming the northern latitudes of the north Atlantic. It would make sense that Australia would suffer heatwise by this slowing, while the northern US and western Europe would suffer from more severe cold.

    All in all this seems quite significant to me. We should not forget that heatwaves are part of the climate too, and that transition to ice age will have more of them. But of course, here in Australia, they’re being attributed to Global Warming……

    1. Might be the same effect as in California, where the air moisture condensated over the cold ocean and the air over the land became dry and fires and heat had it easier.

  2. No msm mention. Big surprise. In fact the msm is trumpeting December as the warmest ever…….

  3. Yes.
    And those “things of the past” seem to be in the cards for a roaring end of January and a big part of February, in Western Europe.

  4. Wish we would get some here in San Francisco. Last time it snowed here was 1951. Love to see the looks on all the warming whackos’ faces if the city by the Bay got a real snow storm.

  5. Dear Ice Age Now and everyone else, go to Arctic Theme Page, Scientific, Data, then Latest Surface Obs, and see for yourself Canada has about 20 stations that are recording temps 50f above the surrounding temps and 0-1 that record below. This has gone on for years and they don’t even hide it. This would account for the heat pulse in N. Canada that doesn’t exist.

  6. Can anyone explain why at the same time that the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing a severe winter that Australia is having one of the hottest summers on record?

    1. Tom,

      Read my comment below. Such extremes are apparently normal during transition to ice age. Even forgetting that for the moment, the thermohaline circulation, which includes the Gulf Stream, has slowed and this means the natural transfer of heat from the equatorial Pacific to the northern Atlantic is less effective. This will make Pacific Australia generally hotter and western Europe and northern US generally colder.

      Generally, though, paleoclimate records show that during transition to ice age, these sorts of extreme climate events are common.

      1. Interesting comment, but why the thermohaline circulation has slowed? Is it because of the cooling oceans?
        I’d also add that the Antarctic icecap anomaly continues to increase and it’s now close to the values of mid 2012, which means that the heat wave in Australia is a localized phenomenon.

    2. couple of days of heat, we have had summers far hotter than this. Its been quite cool this summer compared to many

      It was 15c on christams day where i live in sydney.

      We had 8 days 40+ in early 2010 and we have not had that yet, and the rest was cool. hype in the media.

      Start reading between the lines.

      whilst the usa had some record heat in summer the nothwest and canada and alaska was very cool.

      the hype said we were going to have lots of heat , we had 38 yesterday, did not get near the 42 they said and today is 24c in sydney.

      some parts are hot and have had fires , but this is far from record heat

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