Greece – Tree theft on the rise in order to keep warm

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“The theft of trees is taking place also in Greece a lot,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “In the Northwest of Greece very poor people from nearby Albania are cutting Greek trees to keep warm in the cold winters.  “Use Google Translate on this link.”

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

When I used Google translate to read the article in English, I couldn’t determine whether the illegal logging is being done for heating purposes or for use as building materials.

Perhaps someone in Greece and educate us on this.

7 thoughts on “Greece – Tree theft on the rise in order to keep warm”

  1. Many years ago, I stated:

    “Carbon Dioxide will continue to climb in the face of Global Cooling as the people burn every stick they can find just to stay warm.”

    I didn’t imagine that it would happen this soon!

  2. burning green wood gives very little heat, burns badly if at all, and clogs up chimney flues badly leading to blockages and fires, expect housefires to happen.theyd get better value from coal briquettes or even BBQ heat beads. or scavenging wood/furniture from the tips or factory waste.
    sawdust tight packed with a small inlet in a drum will burn slowly and give good heat for free or small outlay.
    people need to wise up.

    1. Obviously Laurel, they have no choice. Does ‘wise up’ mean freeze to death while waiting for your wood to season? There won’t be any chimney fires in that scenario! Lol!

  3. This has to be driving the agw nuts off the edge. Now the very thing that they think would cleanse the atmosphere of the dreaded CO2 molecule is being burnt making more CO2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe a nuclear plant doesn’t look so bad huh?

  4. In an earlier article about the same item, there was a picture showing an Albanian man who was transporting the stolen trees, using a donkey. By cutting the trees into smaller pieces, that can be transported with donkeys or small trucks, the potential use for building purposes becomes very limited. For building purposes the trees should be cut into much larger pieces that can only be transported with large trucks (and the poor Albanians do not have those). Even if they had large trucks, the thieves would risk these trucks to be confiscated when they would be caught by the police.

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