Hard Freeze Warning in Southern Arizona

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Tucson has a Hard Freeze Warning until Tuesday morning that could break historic cold records tonight with near record lows down to maybe 15F, according to the National Weather Service,

  • Sub-freezing temperatures will occur between 9 pm and 9 am MST with hard freeze conditions between 11 pm and 9 am MST.
  • Near record lows will see killing temperatures for some vegetation as well as very hazardous cold for people and pets tonight. Most unprotected exposed water pipes will freeze with these very cold temperatures.
  • For a detailed view of the hazard area, visit http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/wrh/whv/?wfo=twc.

Recommended actions

A Hard Freeze Warning means widespread temperatures at or well below 28 degrees are expected, with Sub-freezing Temperatures Expected for many hours. To prevent freezing and possible bursting of outdoor water pipes, they should be wrapped. Drained, or allowed to drip slowly. Those that have In-ground sprinkler systems should drain them, and cover Above-ground pipes to protect them from freezing. These conditions will also kill crops and other sensitive vegetation.


Thanks to Caroline in West Virginia for this link

“The cold is intensifying,” says Caroline. “Waves of cold are hammering from U.S. west to east right now.”

8 thoughts on “Hard Freeze Warning in Southern Arizona”

  1. Too bad – it was forcast to be snow here tonight. But it has been revised to clear skies.

    Low 20’s is no big deal in most the US, but is unusual here.. especially 4 days in a row.

  2. I believe that if the sun is cooling , then the earth must as well, there must be latent heat stored on the atmosphere and if there is no heat in the antarctic or arctic then there must be some horrible weather in the rest – see Australia

  3. They are calling for 23 for tonight in Sun City, in the Valley of the Sun. The record low for January is 20 on a couple different dates, and the record low for the day has been 29, so I get to be part of “historic weather” in no way that I wanted. Ah, but I know this extreme cool is caused by global warming in the Arctic pushing colder air south! Certainly, the mainstream media wouldn’t lie to me, right?

  4. I live in a phoenix suburb. The local news is saying the last time we had freezing temps four nights in a row was back in 1988. Looks like it might turn into five nights though. Reports of frozen pipes all over.

  5. And I live in Oro Valley, which is usually 3 degrees colder than Tucson…which means it could get down to 12 F. Plants are covered the best they can be, and my 3 dogs have survived outside the last several nights…I just feed them extra for extra calories.

  6. I used to live in Southern Arizona–Casa Grande, between Tucson and Phoenix. In 67 or 68 it snowed in town and up on Table Top mountain, several miles to the west, there was 2-3 feet of snow. (Half the high school students skipped class and went up there.) Table Top’s elevation is around 4500 ft. above sea level. I also remember seeing temperatures in the upper teens in Stanfield, a little town to the west of Casa Grande.

  7. 15F? Try 7! (Bisbee-Douglas airport, 1/13/13) This is the second time in two years we’ve had a “hundred year cold snap!”

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