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Meric-Ipsala road in the Thrace region of Turkey was shut down to motor vehicle traffic on Sunday due to heavy snowfall which began in Edirne province.

Aside from the Meric-Ipsala road, 37 village roads were also been shut down due to heavy snowfall in the region.

Road crews were working to open the Meric-Ipsala road to traffic again on Sunday.

Snow thickness at Uludag, one of the favorite skiing centers of Europe, reached 215 cm (7 ft) on Sunday.

More snowfall was expected at Uludag on both Sunday and Monday.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Edirne is both a town and a province in the very western European part of Turkey,” says Argiris.


3 Responses to Heavy snowfall closes dozens of roads in Turkey

  1. Hermes says:

    Strong contrast from the upper 70’s (Fahrenheit) we’re getting here in Southern Louisiana right now. Abnormally warm, but not completely unheard of in the past.

  2. Laurel says:

    turkish de ICE?

  3. John the 1st says:

    I have a frozen turkey in my freezer.

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