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Vienna airport was closed for inbound flights from at least 1:20 p.m., with outbound traffic also hampered, Lufthansa said on its website.

Munich airport – Germany’s 2nd largest airport – cut about 10 percent of scheduled services and said the proportion may rise to 20 percent by the evening. It originally had 971 flights on its timetable.

“We’ve cleared both of our runways three times already today,” said Edgar Engert, a Munich airport spokesman.

Frankfurt Airport, Europe’s third-busiest, reported 40 flight cancellations (out of 1,193 takeoffs and landings scheduled today).

Other carriers scrapping flights in Vienna included British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot, according to the airport’s website.


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2 Responses to Heavy snowfall leads to hundreds of flight cancellations in Germany and Austria

  1. Rhys Jaggar says:

    Cardiff, Bristol and Southampton airports closed in UK.

    Don’t worry, they’ll be open again in 24 hrs tops.

  2. Laurel says:

    maybe they could find a use for the Dreamliners with the hot battery packs?

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