More Massive Winters for Northern Hemisphere

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Temperatures worldwide have been falling since 2005 on the average (after a “plateau” from 2001 to 2005), says reader F. Guimaraes.

2010 saw the highest average of recent years, dwarfed only by the impressive high of 1998.

The average fell abruptly at the end of 2010 due to formation of a powerful La Nina episode, which was followed by another one at the end of 2011 bringing the average to even lower levels.

Another La Nina could be in the making in the months ahead and probably push temperatures down around the world again.

Massive winter events should be with us for the next 20 years, at least, says this article on

That’s if their solar predictions continue to play out, and “so far everything is right on track.”

Thanks to F. Guimaraes for this link

17 thoughts on “More Massive Winters for Northern Hemisphere”

  1. My global temperature page shows GISS, RSS, HADCRUT and UAH.

    All, even GISS, big drops in the last couple of months, and flat lining or a falling trend over the last 10 years.

    For the last 2 winters, they have blamed them on La Nina. What will they blame it on this time?

    What is sure, is that none of them were expecting the latest drops.

    And the falls are global, although the NH has dropped by more.

  2. The cult of warm – the eco fascists – will change their lies from globaloney-warming to ‘changing’…so we will need to present scientific evidence as to why colder temps and terrible winters have nothing to do with Co2, nor with ‘a melting Arctic’ pushing cold fronts southwards. The front in confronting their lies is really the Arctic ice mass. Once that lie is disproven their whole bloody insanity simply collapses [along with their pilfering, plundering and power-mongering].

  3. Don’t worry folks. The AntiChrist and his False Prophet will save us all and provide plenty of food for everyone under global tolerance.

    There will be free healthcare and free housing as long as you take the implant chip and agree to be under his servitude.

  4. Notice that the strong plunge of the average temperature after 1998 was also caused by a powerful La Nina episode.
    The fact that the La Nina’s are forming now repeatedly, one after another, is just another clear indication of the present cooling trend.
    This is exactly the opposite of what the warmists predicted.

  5. food shortages to come and the ignorami and their henchmen are still burning our food for fuel. they refused to stockpile in the “fat” years and now they will starve in the “lean” years.

    The poor of the world will starve to death while the feel-good do-nothings remove their cheap fossil fuels and block their use of artificial fertilizers.

    Somehow, I don’t think starving to death in the shade of a windmill or solar panel matches being able to feed your family in the shade of an oil well or seeking shelter in the mouth of a coal mine.

    keep up the good work

  6. I read “Not By Fire,but by Ice,” and I could not put it down.I just read “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,”and my entire view of Evolution was shaken to its core.This book is another page turner and brain burner.I read it in one day,took it to work and read in between my work load and finished it,because I couldnt put it down,either.At first I was skeptical,it made me a little offended that Darwins ideas were brought to the floor with the force of an explosion,and I was faced with the fact,that while Darwin wasnt exactly “right,” he just didnt have all the answers,and was a man of, and in his time,and it made more sense to think that evolutions biggest moments have been in incredibly tiny fragments of time,in great upheavals…But the chapter entitled “Tunguska” was my favorite part of the book.Not wanting to be a spoiler,but Tunguska was not a meteor,something far more sinister and right under our noses,or our feet,is the most likely culprit!!I highly recommend everyone who reads this post to get this book!!!!!!!

  7. if the asteroid due to come really really close on the 15th feb manages to fall into our gravity well and hit ..we will cop super cold super fast!
    its expected to be close enough to be a danger to high level satellites and approx 130k tonnes at speeed. nasty.

  8. I think I am beginning to understand this “Man Made Climate Change” caused by CO2. Now when CO2 is high during the Summer Months, it traps more heat, that heated CO2 is then capable of trapping even more heat in an accelerating curve. But in the Winter this same CO2 traps less heat because the CO2 is cold. Since the CO2 has displaced other gasses, it actually causes the Earth to be colder. Therefore the same CO2 Consideration in the Summer causes it to be hotter and in the Winter causes it to be Colder. I think the Government should send me a Billion Dollars to study this phenomenon.

    1. It seems to me that you have been brainwashed or you’re also a perpetrator of the global warming lies losing sleep at night thinking of ways to justify those lies to the gullible and unawares so you can profit from the misery the warmists inflict on the poor.

      1. That was an LOL. However, I have worked with computer programs for 40 years. I can write a program to tell you any LIE you want. Old Statistics saying “Torture the Number Until They Confess”.

    2. The largest producer of CO2 is our oceans. It takes a 1000 years for climate temperatures to affect ocean temperatures. Our current CO2 level are determined by climates 1000 years ago.

  9. Looks a bit more complicated, the more one delves into the variables. This guy does an amazing job of that.

    I’ve got both of Robert’s books, and have read this site for years, along with the Electric Universe guys, and a bunch of other speculative sites. I like the quick daily updates from the link above for a bigger picture. Enjoy!!

  10. All those terrific CO2-saving windmills in the pass around I-10 north of Palm Springs, CA and vicinity were doing a great job yesterday and today when i drove by. Probably 2500 of ’em all over the hillsides: huge ones, small ones, medium ones, etc. Three-bladed turbines, two-bladed units… seemed to be quite a used-wind-mill lot strewn about. A real visual blight.

    If 1 unit out of 10 was turning at all i would be surprised. Total waste of your, and my, tax dollars to support that plague. Someone should do some cost:benefit arithmetic on that forest of Ugly.

    But one thing is for certain: the rate-payers who support that crap in CA are getting hosed. All of the hardware should find a useful second life as reef-building nuclei in the oceans.

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