NH Snowcover - 20Jan2013

Half of Northern Hemisphere covered by snow

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This picture (from the link at the Russia thread) shows ~ half of the NH covered by snow.


Here’s a different view as of Jan 20.


Thanks to E Stephens and F Guimaraes for these links

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  1. Your books have such tremendous impact. The impact of these books is “earth-shaking”. There is a website that on 1/23/13 pointed out that earth’s wobble has brought the new north pole over the past 30 years to a point in northeastern Russia. The article shows a map. This website is http://www.extinctionprotocol.com. At the bottom of the page is a box to click to “Load more posts”. Click that and keep going back to 1/23/13 to see the map. Your books are a treasure to me. I have told many people about them.

  2. This cold winter weather should still be well within the norm. However, it should begin to silence all of the global warming hysteria we’ve been hearing for the past 20 years or so.

  3. The pictures above are already out of date. The situation now as I write is worse. I am told that at least 67% of the USA > not including Alaska < is now under snow. Notice that in the upper picture Britain is not covered in snow. Although in the lower picture the snow cover is shown. That situation is now changed with most of England and Scotland and Wales under snow. Worse is still yet to come. It is amazing that the UK is covered in snow even though the air affecting us is actually coming up from Algeria. Under previous regime surely one would expect that air to bring warm and mild conditions. It would appear that the temperatures are trending down to below previous averages all around the northern hemisphere. Is it true or is it not true that the north atlantic gulf stream has become damaged ? According to professor Gianluigi Zangari of Italy in his public statements in 2011 the north atlantic gulf stream is no longer flowing ! Thus he stated that the north atlantic is now at least 10*C lower temperature than previously.

  4. Canadian inuits or natives to North America would put us shame for survival in the real cold climate in the next few years.@gf just saying…one of your posts back a while ago…said the cool down on the way will be felt by all latittudes…the southern country’s like India or Mexico are ill prepared for cold and are seeing hypothermia deaths recently. Canadian inuits need not build igloos…there survivors of the last glacial we have to survive.

  5. Ask any gardener about the seasons and what they can or can’t grow compared to 5 or 10 years ago. Here in S/C Washington, just east of the Cascades, the long, hot summers have turned into English summers until late July, then we have scattered days in the mid 80’s, skip fall & head right into winter, followed by a freezing Spring.

    Most gardens can’t be planted now until late June or early July which eliminates many veggies. Tomatoes grown from 2′ high “starts” no longer can make it.

    We built a greenhouse this year, not a flimsy one that will dismantle with the first winds, not finished. It will be the only way to grow a significant portion of our food as we have always been able to do.

    Diesel heaters are inexpensive to operate, don’t smell & are super efficient, retrofit windows or dead air space with solar and/or Thermosyphan options….cheap to build from recycled materials, expensive to buy new.

    Save natural seeds, start them early & share with your friends.

  6. a mate sent me a link to
    “how to build an igloo” just last week,
    living in aus its really not going to be possible to pracise the skill,
    I found it interesting to note the blocks need to be carved with a sloped edge to sit flush and a gouged out ridge at the bottom of every row to stop meltwater seeping into the joins.
    its probably on youtube?

  7. actually, i’m about to build one,Qf..
    there’s only left to dig trough the snow i” piled’
    ..if it get warmer outside…
    i’d like to post pics of that.. a survival shelter only made of water ^^ :)
    hava a nice cold day, everyone!!!

    1. The name of this website is ice age now, so that’s what I talk about. The way I figure it, with almost every outlet in the mainstream media screaming global warming, they already tip the balance WAY to the other side.

  8. Not here in Cincinnati yet but we have a
    Chance here Friday before warmer weather Monday
    Melts it off. Might bring those percentages
    Up a bit though for a while.

  9. Here’s an report link to frozen Northern Hemisphere. Fist link has the “TWO WORDS” Robert disfavors the most, so I will not write it here.

    Then there’s this link, according to a Team of Ex-NASA Scientists Concludes No Imminent Threat from Man-Made CO2


  10. With such early and heavy snow falls in many parts of the hemisphere this winter we shall see how it affects the albedo come spring; a shorter summer?

    1. I bet there will be one or two hot spells in late Spring that will bump up the average temps then the last 1/2 of the summer will be very cool to cold.

      The media will focus only on the warm side as man made climate change and count off the cold as a weird anomaly.

      Most weather blogs are that way too and say anything against it and you’re labeled.

  11. Amazing how cold this arctic blast is here in NY..I live on the long island sound and we have large Ice formations in tidal water..Today at 8am it was 8F and at 1pm it was 11F..

    1. and yet we here from some how its impossable to get this kind of cold in todays climate well appernly not all that impossable at all lol.

  12. Hi Robert,

    it was -40 windshield this morning in Gatineau Quebec, beside Ottawa Ontario,
    colder up north in the province.

    Hydro Quebec ask us to reduce using electricity across the province of Quebec,
    because we are near capacity and they
    had to buy electricity from Ontario and
    the U.S.

    we beat the record by using close to
    39,000 MW of electricity Wednesday morning,
    and it will be colder tonight,,, -42

    PS: a good majority of houses in Quebec are using electricity as primary heating source.

    1. I thought Quebec would use either gas fireplaces or oil maybe even steam heat in many older dwellings like the more expensive attached homes.

    2. “PS: a good majority of houses in Quebec are using electricity as primary heating source.”

      I’m surprised that Canadians don’t use kachelofens/steinofens (masonry stove) for heating since they are extreme energy efficient. They traditionally use wood but probably could be adapted for coal, wood pellets, electricity, gas or energy sources.

      Wiki on them.

      Examples of old and new ones.

      Canadian kachelofen manufacturer.

      American manufacturer.

      Biofire kachelofen (made in Ireland).

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