Pakistan – Skardu drops to a record low of -17C on Tuesday

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Astaur and Hunza are facing -15 and -12 respectively, while Ghazar, Kashmir, Mala Jabba, and Kurram Agency and Hazara Division are facing strong, unending cold. ing-level/

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Greetings from the Netherlands,” says Argiris, “where the MSM do not even mention the cold in Asia, but they pay a lot of attention to forest fires in warm Australia.”

7 thoughts on “Pakistan – Skardu drops to a record low of -17C on Tuesday”

  1. Yes, I like to explain to people that,The sun is in a cooling period so there must be a lagg in heat loss. the earth is a sphere with a given ammount of stored heat, now the definition of cold is “the absence of heat” so, if there is no heat in the poles the heat must therefore be in the middle between the poles, and with the “Lows” an “High” pressures there must be hot and cooler areas.

    1. I believe the hot masses of air are being pushed around, moving like waves and slowly weakening by the increasingly cold air and cold oceans that are forming now and in the times ahead, as the solar radiations of cycle C24 decrease back to its minimum.

  2. No science, no debates, just believe,do and pay what you are told by the Ministry of Truth…the Goricle has spoken.

  3. yeah, and a goodly part of the Cause of the fires is the Kyoto and other greenist bans on grazing bushland or even your own bloody land!
    add some morons with matches..
    and yesterday and today I was cold again! temp dropped to under 20c down from high 30s 40s three days ago. we till have something like 12k hectares burning

  4. Argiris you are correct in Australia we get no news on the freezing conditions in northern hemsphere our news media gets cleansed by the climate warming left wing Government , so all we get is about how climate change is causing all the bush fires around Australia and we have to be prepaired for more fires droughts and extreme heat waves god forbid .

  5. On Tuesday here in Sydney on the 8th of January the temp got to 42.3C. The all time record for January in Sydney is 45.3C set on the 14th January 1939, 74 years of man made global warming ago.

    Mind you it was still bloody hot. I spent most of the day in front of the air con, but at 28cents per Kwh for electricity thanks to our stupid Carbon Tax I wasn’t happy.

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