More and more people freeze to death in Russia

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Record snowfalls and extreme sub-zero temperatures during Russia’s freezing winter have driven the number of deaths to more than 200, with 18 deaths reported on Tuesday alone.

This winter some 207 people have frozen to death, reports the Interfax news agency. Particularly affected is the Tyumen region in Western Siberia.

More than 4500 people have been treated since the onset of winter due to frostbite or hypothermia.

The Russian weather service forecast that temperatures will fall even farther in the days to come. In Moscow, it should cool during the day to minus 18 degrees Celsius, and at night, especially north of the capital, to as low as minus 27. degrees.

Thanks to Steave for this link

“No word about the missing global warming,” says Steave.

8 thoughts on “More and more people freeze to death in Russia”

  1. No, no, no! These people didn’t die as a result of the intense cold, they died from heatstroke. Just ask the MSM and the global warmist nutbars and they will tell you it’s so.

  2. Goofy hippy global warming isn’t missing here It was 11 below zero the other day and, lo and behold, The Weather Channel blabbered away about a global summit in Davos, Switzerland. I thought I was going to puke. What audacity The Weather Channel has to bring this weird nonsense up! I could see my breath inside my living room near the doorway and I had to hear about how the Earth is getting so hot that it is ready to catch on fire!

    1. I know what you mean, Gail. Then they had their little side show about the highest temps ever recorded. All of this while I was iced in down here in Tennessee.

  3. The link provided is to an article in German. I like to read the source articles, but I don’t read German.

  4. No wonder that the “” news paper doesn’t mention missing global warming.

    This paper is printed where the Green party has received 24,2% in the last local election.
    Also, all their article are in relation to AGW fear.

    Example (German):

    Just look at the chart and you know what the paper supports.
    The headline “Global warming with break?”
    They look for an explanation, just to proof that some other factor caused by humans is responsible for this little cooling (Example: Smog mainly in China).

  5. my friend over there reckons his area is warm at only minus 5 or less.
    and they havent had much snow…yet.
    I think he doesnt realise how lucky he is.
    inhospitable weather would be understating it, brr.

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