Record low temperature in Bermuda

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Cold snap reaches Bermuda,” says the headline, with no mention of the record low. Arrrrgh. “Cold snap”!

However, later on the article says, “a cold front kept Bermuda in the 50s for the entire day on the 25th. In fact, a daily record low was reached as the temperature dropped to 50.9F, breaking the old record of 54F set in 1995.

“The high temperature for the 25th at the Bermuda Weather Service was 57.6F, almost 12F below normal for a high temperature.”

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

5 thoughts on “Record low temperature in Bermuda”

  1. When the next 80 – 90 thousand year “cold snap” ends and we move into the next interglacial, d’you think there will be climate scientists shouting about the melting ice and rising sea level?

    1. hopefully whatevr of the human race thats left..if any, might have grown a brain by then:-)
      or whats left might be back to inbred cavedwellers as the ecoloons want.
      eloi and morlocks:-)

  2. Again, a nice cool day, though a little cold for a tropical paradise. Now, show me temps trending lower over time and I will call it more than a cold day, out of the ordinary. Cheers!

    1. It is hard to show temps that are trending longer over time when a trend is just beginning. What I can show is evidence of what seems to be a new trend of record low temperatures in (near) tropical areas, in my view this is a writing on the wall since according to professor Lindzen temperatures in the tropics are supposed to remain quite stable, even during glacial periods. We have seen lately extreme cold in Bangladesh:
      And also in Vietnam :
      And in the Arabian Peninsula:
      These are just a few examples of what seems to be a new trend of record low temperatures in countries that seldom suffer from cold weather, but now they are having so called cold snaps, and all at the same time. The Bermuda cold snap fits into that pattern.

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