Sea ice early in Alaska

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This somehow didn’t make it into the mainstream media. Just an oversight?

“Ice-breaker opens basin for troubled barge,” headlined the article in the Homer Tribune on 12 Dec 2012.

The M/V Augustine worked to break ice choking off the English Bay Barge Basin on Monday to make room for a barge recently rescued from a near-tragic grounding at Cold Bay, the article continued.

John Crandall, who owns the only ice-breaker in Kachemak Bay, the heavy-duty M/V Redoubt, said the deep cold that took ahold this winter so far is unseasonably early.

“This year, there’s more ice earlier than in normal years,” Crandall said.

Augustine and Redoubt are called out to bust through ice for the U.S. Coast Guard vessels stationed at Homer, and for other large vessels as well. Usually, the ice-breaking work comes much later in the winter — in January, February and March.

November and December this year brought a preponderance of low-temperature days which left the small boat harbor socked in. Only larger commercial vessels and tugs could get in and out.

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3 thoughts on “Sea ice early in Alaska”

  1. as another reader noted on the snowed in China se item, Icebreakers are in short supply, and if anything happens to the few actively working ones, then lives will be at risk bigtime.
    also noted earleier than normal years he said,
    I wonder what timeframe hes using?
    historical records would be interesting to see re onset of ice over the last 100 yrs.

  2. The media is only concerned with some warm temps in Australia, completely ignoring anything else.

    It turns out that July was not the hottest on record. It was a half degree cooler than 1936. “For July 2012, the real temperature average became 76.93 F, almost 0.7 F lower than that announced in the SOTC.” July 2012 then became about 0.47°F cooler than 77.4°F claimed as the previous monthly record in 1936.”

    A foot of snow in Beirut, snowfall in Egypt, Israel, Iraq?

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