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Snow blanketed much of Germany early this week following heavy snowfall on Sunday and Monday, the German Weather Service reported. The service said that 3.5 billion tons of snow fell in the country on Sunday alone. With the winter blitz continuing, that figure could rise to 6 billion tons by Wednesday.

At Frankfurt’s airport, Germany’s largest, about half of 1,190 planned flights were cancelled on Monday, according to German news agency DPA. In Munich another 200 flights were grounded. Delays affected air traffic at every German airport as crews de-iced planes and snow-removal equipment was used to clear gates.

Icy conditions also shut down a major stretch of highway in northern Germany around Berlin, affecting Monday morning commuters. And a 70-kilometer-long (44 mile) traffic jam formed on the A4 autobahn near the border between the states of Thuringia and Hesse.

Trains didn’t fare much better either, with travelers facing long delays.

In some places ice skaters could be seen cutting figures on ice-covered roads.

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10 Responses to Snow and ice create 44-mile-long traffic jam in Germany

  1. jim bishop says:

    How on earth do you work out how many tons of snow have fallen? Is there a massive set of bathroom scales under germany?

    • Rosco says:


      Area x depth gives volume,

      Volume x density gives mass in kilograms – I’ strictly metric

      Mass x gravity gives weight in Newtons.

      Similarly for Imperial measurements.

      Isn’t it time the whole world went metric ?

  2. Alex says:

    ice you say, hmmmmm ….

  3. Ken says:

    Boy for Global warming it’s pretty chilly everywhere. I guess Al nut job needs your money.

  4. Laurel says:

    :-) and even aus just got cooler, well most of it.Nth Territory is still a bit warm.
    queensland had 4 mini tornados today and the rains are truly torrential, lots of towns isolated and general mayhem is underway, its heading down the aus coast to nsw, good- puts fires out., and even victoria where we’ve had such huge fires got a hail n rain event this evening.:-)

    • Byron says:

      Nah Laurel ,
      it`s all a figment of Our collective imaginations , Tim Flannery (That`s Australia`s climate commissioner for the rest of You )back in 2005/2007 said We`d never get these sort of rains again and He`s the expert :o)

  5. I guess it’s not a great time to travel to Germany. I think I’ll wait until spring and all the blossoms instead.

  6. Argiris Diamantis says:

    In the Netherlands thaw is expected, but in neighbouring Germany no thaw is in sight.

  7. Lloyd Martin Hendaye says:

    Sooner or later, these massive snowfalls will begin accumulating year-to-year, ie. not melting entirely during summer months. At that point, it’s Ice Time again for the Pleistocene Era’s typical 102,000 years of continental glaciation. Sorry about those coal plants, nuclear reactors, oil fields, but saving the planet takes precedence over any mere 6-billion human lives.

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