Carbon tax hallucinations

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The real effect of any carbon tax would be that American jobs, economic growth, living standards, health, dreams and lives would be sacrificed for nothing: no change in global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations or climate variability, and no reduction in out-of-control spending or deficits.

Liberal politicians and climate alarmists want to legislate heavy taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. They claim such taxes are needed  to save the planet from dangerous global warming, and raise revenue to pay for social programs or reduce the federal deficit.

However, a carbon tax would achieve none of these objectives. Nor would it do anything to reduce EPA’s zeal to impose draconian new rules on CO2 emissions and pollutants that have already been dramatically  reduced over the past 40+ years – or change other laws and regulations that destroy jobs and economic growth.

Carbon tax hallucinations

Carbon taxes will do nothing for revenues or climate, but will hurt job and economic growth
By Paul Driessen

Average planetary temperatures haven’t budged in 16 years. Hurricanes and strong tornadoes are at or near their lowest ebb in decades. Global sea ice is back to normal, Arctic ice is nearly normal, and the Antarctic icepack continues to grow. The rate of sea level rise remains what it was in 1900.

And yet, President Obama and many politicians, newscasters and alarmist scientists continue to insist that carbon dioxide emissions are changing Earth’s climate, and we need to take immediate action to prevent storms like Hurricane Sandy and avert catastrophes predicted by IPCC computer models and alleged “scientific consensus.” Not surprisingly, polls show public support for controlling CO2 output and taxing hydrocarbon use – to “ensure climate security” and “save vital federal programs” from budgetary axes.

As the liberal lobby Think Progress put it, people “overwhelmingly” prefer a carbon tax on “big polluters” versus cuts in favorite programs “like education, Social Security, Medicare and environmental protection.”

Five-alarm climate claims, skewed polling questions and phony taxes-versus-grandma budget alternatives will almost always ensure support for carbon taxes – especially among Bigger Government and Ban Fossil Fuels constituencies. More rational analysis reveals that dreams of hundred-billion-dollar windfalls from slapping regressive new taxes on job creation and economic growth are nothing more than dangerous tax revenue hallucinations. They would bring intense pain for no climate or economic gain.

Employing Energy Information Administration data, a recent Heritage Foundation study by economists David Kreutzer and Nicolas Loris found that a tax starting at $25-per-ton of CO2 emitted and increasing by 5% per year would cut a family of four’s income by $1,400 annually, raise their utility bills by $500 a year, and increase gasoline fill-ups by up to 50 cents per gallon. That’s $2,000 a year chopped from their budget for food, vacations, home and car payments and repairs, college and retirement savings, dental and medical care, and overall quality of life.

Even “millionaire” families making $200,000 a year would find such a hit painful. While the poorest families might get some offsetting tax relief, most would get nothing – nor would employers.

Carbon taxes would thus increase the likelihood that many breadwinners will end up unemployed, since the tax would raise business energy costs dramatically, force companies to trim hours and/or employees, and result in an aggregate loss of at least 1 million jobs by 2016, Heritage notes. That would bring more home foreclosures, greater stress, reduced nutrition, and more strokes and heart attacks, especially for older workers whose odds of finding new employment are increasingly bleak.

No small businesses or energy-intensive manufacturing companies would get a rebate for their soaring carbon taxes. Nor would any mall, hospital, school, church, synagogue or charity group.

Hydrocarbons provide over 83% of all the energy that powers America. A carbon tax would put a hefty surcharge on everything we make, grow, ship, eat and do. It would put the federal government in control of, not just one-sixth of our economy as under Obamacare, but 100% of our economy and lives. It would make the United States increasingly less productive, less competitive globally, less able to provide opportunities for our children.

But it gets worse, because this tax on America’s energy and productivity is not being promoted in a vacuum. It would be imposed on top of countless other job and economy strangling actions.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has already issued 2,071 new rules and dispensed a regulatory burden of over $353 billion per year – equal to all wealth generated annually by Virginia’s private sector. It is now preparing still more rules, the most crushing of which would regulate the same CO2 emissions that some in Congress want to tax, from both moving and stationary sources. Most, if not all of its punitive rules, are based on exaggerated risks, fear mongering, junk science, and illusory health, welfare, “environmental justice” and “sustainability” benefits.

Other agencies are inflicting still more rules, and more crushing paperwork burdens. Obamacare alone will add 127,602,371 more hours per year to the federal paperwork burden for American businesses and families. That’s enough time to carve 1,039 Mount Rushmore monuments, says the Washington Examiner. Even at $25 per hour, that’s $32 billion a year. On top of that, there are the Dodd-Frank financial requirements and myriad other costly, time-consuming, economy-sapping, job-killing rules.

Nothing at all suggests that Congress would reverse or modify even one of these laws, regulations and taxes, as part of a carbon tax deal – or that Mr. Obama would refrain from vetoing any attempted change. Nothing whatsoever suggests that Congress, the President or environmentalists will ease their opposition to issuing leases and drilling and fracking permits for more of our vast onshore and offshore oil and gas deposits, which could generate millions of  jobs and billions in royalties and tax revenues. Or that they won’t ultimately enact a punitive cap-and-trade law on top of all of this.

Instead of real energy for real jobs and revenues, President Obama wants to redouble spending on “green” energy – extracting billions of dollars from still productive sectors of our economy, and transferring the money to crony corporatists and campaign contributors, whose operations are exempted from endangered species and other laws that are imposed routinely and punitively on oil, mining and other companies.

Meanwhile, federal “discretionary” spending skyrocketed another $129 billion annually in just four years under Obama. That’s comparable to what carbon tax snake oil salesmen claim a $25-per-ton tax would raise each year, several years into a steadily escalating tax, using static analyses that ignore all these “concrete lifesaver” effects.

The CBO Congressional Budget Office says the US economy will grow by a miserly 1.4% for the next several years, and official unemployment will remain stuck at 7.5% (plus extensive involuntary underemployment and people who have given up looking). Washington Post economics analyst Neil Irwin worries that the United States doesn’t just have a $1-trillion budget deficit. Largely because of government restrictions, regulations, red tape and taxes, it also has a $1-trillion “output gap,” between what it is capable of producing and what it actually produces.

To top it off, if Congress and the White House get more money, they will spend more money!

The net result of a carbon tax will not be new federal revenues. It will be more economic strangulation, a more bloated federal bureaucracy, more layoffs, sharply higher unemployment, food stamp and welfare payouts, reduced corporate and personal income tax receipts  – and thus reduced federal revenues.

And for what? The Kyoto Protocol is dead. Japan and many other countries are rejecting any new binding emission targets. China, India, other rapidly developing nations, and even Germany and Europe are burning more coal, emitting more carbon dioxide, and sending atmospheric CO2 levels higher.

And yet, average planetary temperatures show no trend up or down, and global hurricane activity stands at a near-record low. There’s no change in big tornadoes, droughts or rains averaged over the USA for the past century. Polar sea ice is down slightly in the Northern Hemisphere, but up in the Southern. And sea levels show no measurable deviation from trends over the last hundred years.

The only thing that will happen if carbon taxes are inflicted on the US economy is that American jobs, economic growth, living standards, health, dreams and lives will be sacrificed for nothing.

We need to stop basing laws and policies on hallucinations – and start basing them on reality.


Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

16 thoughts on “Carbon tax hallucinations”

  1. I have an Environmental Degree and have worked directly with the coal industry and natural gas industry for the past eleven years in water analysis and permiting. I know for a fact that these energy industries are the most regulated industries in the country. If you drive onto a mine site you will meet inspectors on a daily basis inspecting every aspect of the mine site. Insuring Pollution control measures are being followed. We have a regulated, efficient, cost affective means of energy that provide thousands of jobs in this country that can not be replaced at this time with wind mills or solar panels because they are lacking in efficiency what is so hard to understand about this. We need the energy we have the source for energy why not use it????

  2. *IF* the GUBmint were really SERIOUS about “carbon footprint” then all those hissing/fizzing soda machines IN EACH RESTAURANT would be yanked out, tomorrow. PFFfft!

  3. The AGW scare will one day be viewed as the greatest scientific scam in history. Every one of the greedy hucksters and scientists-turn-con artists pushing this taxpayer ripoff should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are destroying our economy and impoverishing future generations — all in the name of fighting a self-conjured imaginary climate bogeyman.

    The proposition that humankind is capable of changing the planet’s climate is one of the most outrageous and delusional theories to ever creep into the ever-gullible public mind. It deserves an ignominius place alongside the belief in Piltdown Man and Phlogiston.

  4. The Climate Change Movement gets a lot of their money from alternative energy corporations and the Saudi’s. For example, some of President Obama’s biggest donors came from the alternative energy corportations like GM and Solandra. Billions of tax payer dollars were poured down the drain on failed wind, solar and biomass projects http://greencorruption.blogspo… .
    Projects that do more harm to the environment than oil,coal and natural gas does. See the YouTube video Climate Crimes for the truth about the harm althernative energy is doing to Nature.

    The uselful idiots in the Cliimate Change movement should stop hammering big oil and wake up and see that their movement is largely driven by greedy corportations as well. Plus, what exactly is the Green Activists End Game? Do they want all sources of Fossil Fuel banned and use only alternative energy? Looks like the biggest beneficialies of that scenario will be the Saudi’s as the U.S is forced to import more oil from them to meet our minimun needs at great cost to us. Well as the Climate Crimes documentary clearly shows, alternative energy is just as bad if not worse to the environment as oil,coal and gas. Moreover, if the price of energy becomes to high to afford via a carbon tax people will start to burn down forests to keep warm like they do in Greece.… again, what do the Green Activists hope to accomplish by standing the way of developing our own vast Natural Fossil Fuel Resources? THINK!

    P.S. CO2 is not the bad guy the sun is stupid making the useful idiot Green Activists quest for ??? even more insane.

  5. Also, check out the Ice Thickness and Currents at WUWT’s site…the ice is at or over 2 ft thick in the Bering strait with no current…you could drive one of them new fangled smart cars from Alaska to Russia!!!!

  6. Politicians have glommed on to the fraud of global warming because of the HUGE amount of money that will wind up in their coffers through the CO2 taxes. They don’t care that it is a lie. They don’t care about any jobs lost. They only care about the money to be made, damn the truth…

  7. Check out the Artic Temp at WUWT Robert, on the Sea Ice Page at his web site….It’s one of the lowest readings I have ever seen.

  8. “The only thing that will happen if carbon taxes are inflicted on the US economy is that American jobs, economic growth, living standards, health, dreams and lives will be sacrificed for nothing.”

    Perhaps that is the goal of the leftist agenda.

    1. The Lefts goal is to have everyone financially and socially equal. Their are two ways to accomplish this task. One, build up those on the Bottom; Two knock down those on the top. It’s easier to knock those on the top down. When this is accomplished, everyone will be Dependent on the Government. We will then change the motto from In God We Trust to In Government We Trust.

  9. Unless we can affect the emotions of the populace in relation to the claims of the Climate Change (read Global Warming)coalition, we will lose this battle, and condemn these United States to years of misery and deprivation. Although we have the true Science on our side, the Liberals and Warmists have the political establishment and the Media on theirs. I believe the only way we can fight them is by showing the Good that accrues from warming, should it happen. Time and Events will show them to be wrong, but before then, the damage will have been done unless we can counter their emotional appeal about the evils of warm weather. It is how they win elections, it is how they will win this battle unless we get in the game. The “sheeple” portion of our population, which is growing in leaps and bounds with our education system, will always go by emotion, as they have been taught not to think. Most don’t even know we are a carbon based lifeform and plants breathe CO2. Logic and Science alone will not sway them.

  10. A bit off topic but, I’ve just found these news and I think that they are interesting in the general context of this blog:
    In Russia, some places are recording their lowest temperatures ever!!

    and in the NP temperatures are now the lowest in 9 years,

    I found these links in Steven Goddard’s thread about record ice cover in Antarctica:

    As we can see, the cooling is happening simultaneously in both hemispheres, as a natural and expected consequence of the lowering solar radiations IMO.

  11. meanwhile Aus loses jobs and industry almost daiky
    existing biz is halting and deferring developments worth billions and firing workers.
    we have utter morons saying solar os cheaper than coal afer all factors accounted. huh? do they count the ruined chinese peoples land , and slave wages too? doubt it.
    meanwhile two huge fires in my state have burnt thousands like 30k plus worth of overgrown bushland due to greenist policies re native veg for carbon sinks
    well the smokes blanketing the state so we cant see half a mile right now and its still burning out of control
    so the so called kyoto/agenda 21 locked up land to save carbon just went UP IN SMOKE :-)
    it would be funnier if people fighting it and countless animals werent at risk( and dying in thousands for animals)
    but the greenshite felt so good about their win over us sceptics as they scammed the laws home.
    now we pay and pay and pay again.
    ps petrol here is $1,56c a LITRE 4.5 litres to a gallon, usa is doing ok pricewise, comparing.

  12. A headline breaking news on Fox news had this headline “Coal: the cleanest energy source there is?”
    From the article; “Researchers have discovered a stunning new process that takes the energy from coal without burning it — and removes virtually all of the pollution.

    The clean coal technique was developed by scientists at The Ohio State University, with just $5 million in funding from the federal government, and took 15 years to achieve.”


    “Some environmentalists are skeptical of the technology, and of the idea of clean coal in general.”

    “Claiming that coal is clean because it could be clean — if a new technically unproven and economically dubious technology might be adopted — is like someone claiming that belladonna is not poisonous because there is a new unproven safe pill under development,” wrote Donald Brown at liberal think tank Climate Progress.

    If ever there was a spotlight on the environmentalist true intention, this comment is it. You would think they would be ecstatic that the new process eliminates CO2!

    Read more:

    1. The process merely produces CO2 inside a closed container. The CO2 is still there, and has to be stored somewhere. If one believes CO2 causes warming, you can’t release it into the atmosphere…so what do you do with it?
      Britain has been trying to sequester CO2; the technology has failed.
      This is an irrelevant technology, with no practical consequences.

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