All-time record snowfall for Wichita, Kansas

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Second winter storm in less than one week (5 days) for Kansas.

Heavy snowfall rates and stronger north winds with this system resulted in periods of blizzard conditions across portions of south central and southwest Kansas. Snowfall exceeded one foot across Kingman and Harper counties with thundersnow reported for the second time in less than a week.

Wichita, Kansas recorded 6.8 inches of snowfall which was preceeded by 14.2 inches the previous week. This total of 21 inches set the all-time snowfall record for any month !

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10 thoughts on “All-time record snowfall for Wichita, Kansas”

  1. I no longer live in Kansas(born and raised there) but my parents and a sister do. When I talked to them they all said it’s the most snow they’ve ever seen. Growing up there, most winters were just cold and dry with occasional snow fall that topped 3 inches at the most.

  2. The real question is whether it will happen so fast that nothing can be done. A magnetic reversal, for example, could be instantly devastating in the northern hemisphere. A large volcano blotting out the sun for a few years, combined with cosmic ray influx creating too much water in the atmosphere, could strain existing support structures past their limits.

    The only solution is to create a channel through the isthmus of Panama, allowing warm Pacific water to flow into the Atlantic. And the world is far from even hearing ideas like that.

  3. Impressive, isn’t it? So many snowfall records being broken and cold temperatures registered worldwide. This has been happening (according to the news presented here) since last October.
    I wonder what will happen when the AMO flips negative in the near future and the now waning cycle C24 reaches even lower levels.
    I think then people will start to really believe us (the “coolists”) and what we’ve been saying here and other places for some time.

  4. This is still the warmest Feb in kansan history is it not? The cult of warm says so…….based on ‘flawless’ models.

    1. They will continue to say so even when the glaciers start to advance powerfully again during the next solar minimum, we cannot fool ourselves that they could have any good intention in mind.
      During the next glacial period the only thing very hot will be their “pants on fire”.

    1. A different kind of issue this time.

      I moved on Tuesday, and wanted it to be a seamless transition. In order to prepare for the move I hired electricians to come in and add a new electric circuit and a bunch of fourplex outlets so that I wouldn’t have all those spider webs behind my desk and along the walls.

      Also hired a computer whiz to disconnect all of my computer stuff and take it to my new office late on Monday. We agreed that he would sleep there and have everything up and running by Tuesday morning.
      Instead, when I got here on Tuesday morning I found a huge tangle of spider-web wires and computer components scattered across the entire office … and a very drunk and smelly computer whiz sound asleep on the hardwood floor. That created a few tense moments (understatement).

      On Wednesday, a different computer person started afresh and now, finally, I’m back on line.

      I apologize to everyone for the lack of posts.

      1. HAHAHAhahahahah! I hope one day that you can laugh as heartily as I about your description of events Robert. What a sad world when we can’t trust our nerds anymore. Glad you are back on line.

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