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Thanks to GoDaddy, I have not been able to post anything for the past 36 hours. FRUSTRATING!They can spend a million dollars on a Superbowl ad, but I guess it’s a different story when it comes to keeping their Linux system up and running.

Anyway, I apologize for not having posted anything in the last day, but it finally looks like we’re back up and running.

– Robert

24 thoughts on “Explaining the lack of posts”

  1. My website keeps getting these Apache Server errors all the time ever since they were hacked and shut down by hackers, now they are telling me that I need to fix it, sure and I know all about Apache servers. If I hadn’t paid up for 3 years I would move over to BloueHost much better service and uptime. Yours and mine are both slow to load now and I saw one of those server errors on your site also.

  2. Seems to be a pattern. My own website was offline most of the day today. When I called the service providers up in Canada this morning, they said it was some kind of electrical outage that damaged their servers, a “once in a lifetime event,” as they described it to me. Their web site was also down. Very strange, but I doubt it had anything to do with the meteor on Friday, since my site was still working on Sunday.

  3. Let me explain the problem with GoDaddy for you, Robert. They were all at Daytona Speedway watching Danica – who is sponsored by GoDaddy – win the pole for the 500. Then they probably all partied afterward, thus no one was watching the ship! Just hope she doesn’t WIN the 500. They might be out for a month!

  4. I use GoDaddy. I don’t do a lot with my site these days, and I didn’t check to see if it was down during your own absence, but most of the time they seem to work OK for me.

  5. Hi Robert,
    Im not a fan of go daddy, they an internet wrekking ball in my view, be best if you found another hosting company.
    from David

  6. Hi, Robert.
    I am sorry to learn that you have this problem. The great thing about internet is that you can get access to blogs that not fit in to the MSM paradigme, that ask questions, and have other interpretation of what is going on, or what I have called it, how the real world is constructed.

    I have noticed that several blogs of “free thinkers” have been attacked the last weeks. Eric King on Saturday, 9 days ago, Greg Hunter on USwatchdog (it is down now), and others.

    Who the perpetraitors are,I do not know. But dutchsince, discovered a year ago, on his Youtube Channel, that there was popping up nasty comments. So he asked his followers, his community, who are those people? Well, there is a lot of skill in the younger generation. They found out that the comments had sources from contractors linked to government agencies. It is naive to think that this is not happening all over the places, even in our own country, Norway.

    Some bloggers are now demanding username and password when you place comments. To avoid the work to get rid of those nasty paid comments. Maybe you should consider this, Robert.

    All the Best

    1. small or not so small issue with that is?
      it enables whoever you log in with to track you..so just another bigbrother from faceplant twitts or whomever to onsell info about us, our browsing etc.

    1. Did I mention the AntiChrist is Reagans fault? He started the whole mess with his super secret time machine.

  7. Yes, Robert, internet provider out of Missoula went down Friday night (when the stuff started falling out of the sky) -service was intermittent Sat. nite and throughout most of Sunday…
    I think there is a possibility of much more damage than we are being told…
    As Clif High (halfpasthuman.com) warns we will probably lose the internet in 2013 due to more of what is to come from the galaxy, and he does not envision our recovering the internet as we know it for at least generation (or two?)

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