Heaviest Snowfall in Many Years Hits Polish-Slovakian Border

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Due to heavy snowfall a state of emergency was imposed in 20 towns at the Polish-Slovakian Border, near to Orava. Last night it was seen 75 cm of snow!

More than 1200 residents of the region were left without electricity after heavy snowfall knocked out power lines and substations.

I’ve never seen such big flakes of snow. They are as big as the coin two euros. Within 24 hours as much snow fell as usual throughout the winter. Snow cover in some places more than five feet, the governor said.

Plows can not keep up with snow removal routes.


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3 thoughts on “Heaviest Snowfall in Many Years Hits Polish-Slovakian Border”

  1. the euro sized flkes are probably worth as much as well,
    vanishes while you look at it :-)
    250 BILLION to b spent on fictional warming while serious adaptation and assisting people to actually survive is ignored.

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