Heavy snowfall in China wreaks havoc

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Parts of eastern and southern China, including Jiangsu, Anhui and Hunan provinces, are digging out from under a 22-centimeter (8½ inch) snowfall Monday that caused huge traffic problems. 

In Anhui, 90 houses were toppled and 114 others were damaged as a result of the snow, causing direct economic losses of 84 million yuan ($13.38 million).

Most highways in Anhui were closed, long distance bus travel was canceled, and at least 33 trains were canceled in the provincial capital Hefei.

The Jiangsu provincial airline authority announced it shut down airports in Nanjing and Yangzhou from 10 pm on Monday. Nanjing Lukou International Airport remained closed almost 12 hours, reopening Tuesday morning after several flights were canceled or delayed.

The extreme weather brought back memories of the terrible storms four years ago that killed more than 100 people.

A snow disaster in 2008, the worst in half a century, snarled the country’s central, southern and eastern regions and 1.5 million people had to be relocated. The direct economic loss was estimated at 111.1 billion yuan.



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  1. Interesting the comparison with 2008.
    If the climate follows the Sun, as I believe it does, then a little more time and we’ll be back to those levels again.

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