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“Here in the Netherlands, the Main Stream Media (MSM) do not report recent heavy snowfall in Slovakia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan (or anywhere else in the world),” says reader Argiris Diamantis.

“Maybe the MSM will have to report about heavy snowfall and blizzards now it is in the USA.

“As I have come to know the warmist propaganda MSM, they will have a short news item about snowstorms and it will be followed by a longer item about some small heat wave somewhere in a tropical big city with a huge UHI effect in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Heavy snowfall paralyzes traffic in Slovakia
Leaves 80,000 households in northern and eastern regions without power.
Some 40 cm of snow closed roads in the Prestov and Kosice regions.

Heavy snowfall cuts off towns, causes black-outs across much of Slovakia

Heavy snowfall blocks parts of north Afghanistan
Heavy snowfall has blocked roads into at least two districts of northern Samangan province, raising concerns for residents living in the cut-off villages, local officials said.

Severe weather slams India and Pakistan
Deep snow has brought life to a standstill. After two days of heavy snow and blizzard conditions, dozens of cars were buried in the snow, stranding drivers in the process. Many mountain roads have been left crowded by stranded cars and lorries.


5 Responses to Heavy snowfall in Slovakia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan

  1. edwin rees says:

    Hi Robert
    While i reading this report in a russian newspaper I came across this report about a super volcano awakening in Italy.


  2. Andrew says:

    1 foot of snow in 90 minutes in Hartford:


    Got to about 2:10 in the video to hear

  3. Lisa Phillips says:

    The MSM is concerned about the Northeast corridor. The rest of the world could freeze and they would not notice.

  4. Theo says:

    Are you talking about the MSM of the USA? If so everything is corrupted then

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