Next Ice age “Delayed Indefinitely” says Obama Administration

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Just as the US Northeast digs out from a record-setting historic blizzard.

“If the Earth’s climate were being controlled primarily by natural factors (rather than by man-made global warming),” says a report from an advisory committee appointed by the Obama administration,  “the next glaciation would begin sometime in the next 1,500 years.”

“However, humans have so altered the composition of the atmosphere that the next glaciation has now been delayed indefinitely.”

“Confirmation of what are called Milankovich cycles (cyclical changes in the Earth’s orbit that explain the onset and ending of ice ages) led a few scientists in the 1970s to suggest that the current warm interglacial period might be ending soon, plunging the Earth into a new ice age over the next few centuries,” the advisory committee said in a draft report released last month. But now, because of humans, the committee says, the next ice age has been “delayed indefinitely.”

Uh huh. If that’s what our government says, then it must be true. Right? Right?

I feel so relieved, don’t you?

See entire article: een-delayed-indefinitely

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45 thoughts on “Next Ice age “Delayed Indefinitely” says Obama Administration”

  1. Keep spewing that hot air, Washington DC, because you’re doing your part to stave off the next Ice Age. LOL

  2. In reply to the comment…

    “are there any signs that in any countries huge infrastructures are being build without a clear reason why?”

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and we now have a massively oversized water desalination plant we don’t need (yet).

    Sometimes I wonder wether they know our population will increase a huge amount for some unknown reason… (maybe an ice age).

    Am I right in assuming Australia will be a popular place in an ice age?

    I suspect we may need a lot more water (droughts are common in some regions)

  3. I wonder what lunatic asylum they picked Obama out of ?

    This man is nothing less but an extreme criminal who must be impeached.

  4. Is Obama going to have the doors of the white house and congress left open so that all the hot air escapes and stops an ice age? THAT IS THE JOKE OF THE DAY. The politicians are insane and are unfit to govern and that is no joke.

  5. Next Ice age “Delayed Indefinitely” says Obama Administration.

    I just hope this is the one prediction they’ve got right, because all the others were 100% wrong.

  6. What a joke…..Predicting what will happen beyond 1500 years into the future. And its based on human contribution to the atmosphere? Want to increase the CO2 in the air, then continue the practice of farming with chemicals, i.e. destroying the carbon in the topsoil. We already have 90% of the arable land of the world in an unsustainable condition. With global warming now successfully contributing to saving us from the ice-age, lets take the billions being spent on this and use it promote sustainable farming. Instead of buying wool socks for the ice-age, we could then spend our money for organic, nutrient dense food.

  7. I believe our government, United Nations, IPCC and other governing bodies know there is a global cooling period coming. Probably hence the reason they keep telling us the world is over populated, put a higher price on electricity and cost of living people will starve and freeze to death. Blame it all on climate change so the mass population believe you and wela we have man made natural disaster because no one can afford anything.

  8. “Are there any signs that in any countries huge infrastructures are being build without a clear reason why ?”

    Please google China’s ghost towns.
    There are also several million empty apartments in UAE!

  9. News Flash: We are in an ice age now and have been for 2.5 million years. It is called the Pleistocene Epoch. Temporarily we have been in a pleasant period called the Holocene interglacial (viz. “between glaciations”).

  10. The very fact that the government finds it necessary to issue this kind of denial, idiotic though it may be, indicates to me that Robert and others like him are having a fairly substantial impact on public opinion!

  11. Sounds like the old Soviet proclamations of their five year plans… which they never met. The factors affecting climate are so great, the CO2 that humans produce compared to natural sources is so small, the fact that satellite temperature readings do not show any global warming, and that most ground-based temperture station are placed where there is a heat-island effect… all of this leads to only one conclusion: All Hail the Imperial Government,leading us into a Green New World! (Dissenters will be shot.)

  12. –so we all have to dash out and buy SUVs to warm up the planet, do we? Some people just can’t make up their minds.

  13. I think they need to put air purifier in the white house,because its appartent someone is smoking something they shouldnt be and its affecting everyones mind in there.

  14. The last time the Federal Government made such an outlandish prediction was then-president Bill Clinton who proclaimed “the business cycle as we know it may no longer exist.” This declaration was made one month before the “dot com” bubble burst.

  15. Is this the same administration that spent millions of dollars in court fees to PREVENT showing a certified birth certificate, and whose very first executive order sealed all his college records? Yes, I am relieved to know that they have written another EO to put off the onset of the next ice age “indefinitely.”

  16. How can anybody be so arrogant and stupid to think that we humans can alter naturally occuring events like an iceage. Everything in nature is cyclic, beginning with the sun, then with the orbits of the planets on down to earth and its historic cycles of warming and cooling and all the complexities on earth that cause our weather.
    Obviously these clowns think that it is a simple process that makes the earth go into a total freeze for 100,000 years and then come out of it. They think that a little heat and CO2 generated by humans will completely alter the earth’s natural cycles and cause earth to be a hot desert to live on forever. If the scientists didn’t have to depend on government funding I’m sure we’d then have real scientists again doing real research independent of what government wants as the outcome. What we have now is an overreaching government that does what governments always want to do: create more regulations, more control and more taxes. The carbon tax is just a politically correct of raising taxes for the government. The idiots who believe this global warming/climate change nonsense don’t object because it clears their conscience even though they are part of the system too. And while I’m on my soapbox, I’ll take it a step further. There is a public utilities electric company here in Arizona that has installed a lot of solar panels. They have sent out mail to their customers offering their customers to buy electricity from ‘green’ solar generated power. The only catch is the ‘green’ electrical power is about 50% more expensive but it will help people to feel better and think they’re part of the solution instead of the problem. Idiots idiots idiots!

  17. First we control the power of the earth climate and now we control the sun climate impact, too.
    “Yes, we can” – Seriously?

    The 24th solar cycle looks quite similar to the 5th solar cycle in this comparison

    The blue line is the average of the solar cycles 1-23.

    The article ( also says that the 5th solar cycle was the first of the Dalton Minimum 210 year ago.

    Every time I see a weather event that is claimed to be the worst of at least 40 years or more I get the feeling that we are on the down path of a cycle. We have reached the top of the cycle some years back and we are going downwards.

    How far? Time will tell. Maybe it takes another solar cycle to be certain.

  18. So the only reasonable explanation is global warming is of benefit to mankind if it prevents the onset of another ice age. Time to light up the charcoal grill and cook a rare steak for the good of mankind.

  19. This I wonder , isnt that whole global warming thing a coverup ?

    Why are billions of dollars send to countries that all happen to be in areas where an ice age wont have a huge grip.

    I,m not really into any conspiracy theories , but could it maybe be possible that the power that be see a sudden ice age comming , and plan to move out leaving us all freeze to death ?

    For the greater good of “mankind needs to survive” , are there any signs that in any countries huge infrastructures are being build without a clear reason why ?

    Questions questions :)

    1. yeah a HUGE amount of unpopulated cities in china, africa again built by china, and inland places with odd names ending in stan etc
      turkmenistan or similar tjikistan?
      staggeringly ornate and large cities in the middle of nowhere.
      very odd

  20. :-) the only “relieving” thats going to happen is?
    the govt relieving your wallet of funds!
    the aus carbon tax is now showing in our economics and its NOT hardly felt as the Liar waffled.
    latest figures show something like 14% incresed production charges, and many jobs are being lost as companies fire or simply shut down production.
    due to?
    increased operating costs!
    wages arent rising, but power n fuel charges and green compliance costs sure are!

  21. Just bought and read your book Robert, “Magnetic Reversals”. Excellent work, and quite informative. Hopefully you are researching an update to it. Now reading Velikovsky’s works, which were attacked viciously by ‘scientists’ from 1950-80; since Vel shredded the Church of the Holy Darwin using (gasp) science, data and the geological record (how dare he). Too bad that Vel did not have the internet in his day. Reality, truth and the geological record support you both.

  22. Reading such studies as these on AGW always makes me think of ‘King Canute the Great, the legend says, seated on his throne on the seashore, waves lapping round his feet.’

    1. Unlike Obama , King Canute knew He could not command the tides ,it was a demonstration for the benefit of His fawning courtiers , to show that it was not Man and not even a man wearing a crown that ruled the elements but God/Nature. Interesting How over the course of a thousand Years Our knowledge and technology have grown but the world`s leaders wisdom has shriveled in direct proportion . The only growth they display is in their hubris.

  23. It is such drivel its barely worth a comment. Over the last million years the onset of glaciations has been synchronous with high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  24. At about the time of the Ordovician and Silurian boundary a glaciation (ice age) took place. co2 was 7000 parts per million then. Today co2 is less than 400 parts per million.

    The next ice age has been postponed indefinitely ? I think not.

    Our politicians are surrounded by fools and shielded from the full range of scientific facts, and are only fed what the blinkered co2 fools want them to hear.

    The timing of this next oncoming glaciation will be particularly difficult to establish as Milankovich cycles in this instance project a slower slide into the glaciation than in recent previous glaciations.

    However it is likely that we have already entered it and are stepping down in temperature every 200 years or so, recovering slightly between each step down, but not fully.

    Over the course of a single human lifetime no dramatic change should be seen, but over the course of 1500 years a large change will have occurred and much of the Northern hemisphere will no longer be habitable.

    The committee are wrong, the glaciation will be fully established in 1500 years, leaving the next 100,000 years for the ice sheets to grow to heights measured in kilometers.

  25. This statement implies that we know with exactitude how the transition into ice ages takes place.

    I would be most interested in reading the technical details of this as I have completely failed to read about this in over a decade of trying.

  26. If they are talking about ice age then it means that is an ice age coming, but meanwhile they are also making plans to combat global warming, what’s the point of that?
    There are too many top scientists that forecast severe cooling within next decade, so i tend to believe them. Time will tell.

  27. Yeah I saw this, it’s sad, it’s very sad that it’s coming from the Government…

    But what once was said about 1970 was pretty much still right unless they mean in a thousand years, since I heard the ice age sort of started now.

    I did heard another article in a website: Not too sure if it was against the idea of “Global Warming” though.

  28. The more people are not prepared the better for them!
    Was it not Ceasar that said….food and sport to the people you control them

  29. Well, if that were true shouldn’t the Governmental Policy be to keep putting CO2 into the air to keep the next Ice Age from starting?

    You have to loe the absolute schizophrenia that issues from Government. CO2 will warm the planet and kill us all…except that it will hold off the ice age that will kill us all.

  30. Talk about a human-centric point of view. Amazingly the earth does not revolve around us. This incredible planet that we live on is self regulating and all the bovine flatuence, amorous earthworms, and gasbag politicians cannot change the cycles.

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