Large winter storm for the Plains

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Winter weather warnings in effect for 22 states. 

Over a foot (30 cm) for New Mexico

9 to 17 inches (23 to 40 cm) for Kansas

12 to 16 inches (30 to 35 cm) for Nebraska

8 to 12 inches (up to 30 cm) Missouri

6 to 10 inches (15 cm to 26 cm) Iowa

up to 6 inches (15 cm) Oklahoma

0 to 20 inches (0 to 51 cm) in Utah

14 to 19 inches (32 to 47 cm) for Arizona (blizzard warning southern AZ)

Up to 18 inches (45 cm) for southern California mountains

Whatever happened to global warming?

For a complete list see:

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7 thoughts on “Large winter storm for the Plains”

  1. The governments will waste billions upon billions of dollars fighting a non-existing phantom, ignoring the deadly threat of the chilling planet. As Robert has warned for years, prepare for the food riots people of the US because the government sure isn’t…

  2. With reference to the seemingly endless march of winter storms that are crossing the USA at the moment, there was an interesting statement made on one of the weather forecasts from the BBC. Unfortunately, they have updated their website however, on Monday whilst explaining how far south a frost was expected the forecaster had stated that there had been a 20 degree drop in temperature in the tropics.

    Now, I’m no expert and correct me if I’m wrong but is this natural for the time of year or does it seem unusual to you as it does to me?

  3. I noted the comment “Whatever happened to Global Warming”? It is alive and well with a name change and a renewed assault on reality. More and more articles are being written again about how mankind will perish if we don’t institute anti-carbon, and anti-Progress, measures. With the president’s affirmation of his support, the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork yet again to lie, obsfucate, and push for draconian measures to “save” the world. Their appeal is that used by the liberal political establishment to get what they want for decades..emotional appeal. We must realize that Good Science alone will not stop them, and resort to our own emotional appeals.
    We must begin emphasizing all the benefits that have accrued to mankind over the centuries during warming periods, and take away their emotional appeals that warming is a dire thing that causes only bad things to happen. The greatest advances, the most prosperity, the rise of civilization has all occurred during periods of warming. We need to take away their stick, and give a few carrots of our own.

  4. It snowed like crazy here in Oro Valley, AZ…4 miles north of Tucson. I say crazy, because we usually get ZERO snow at all.

  5. yep with such a large winter storm bearing down on the U.S. along with bitterly cold sub-zero temps over the north central states in recent days, I don’t understand how turning on my 15 watt porch light could cause melting of snow LOL. I guess the Goreacle is missing in action ?

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