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The Letter C

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Carbon, Chemtrails, Climate Change

The Letter C

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The letter C causes much grief. Why not get rid of it altogether? It would automatically solve such issues as carbon pollution, catastrophe avoided, climate change, concern about chemtrails, and confusion. The world would be well served to get rid of these C words.

Combat Carbon

In the most recent State of the Union Address, President Obama said “we must do more to combat climate change” explicitly about “the dangerous carbon pollution that threatens our planet.”

Carbon is what diamonds are made of. I didn’t know they were polluting the planet. Perhaps the president meant to say carbon dioxide. However, it is an undisputed fact that without that trace gas in the air there would be no life on earth. So, I am really not sure what the devil carbon is supposed to be doing that threatens our planet. Clearly though, without the letter C, there would be no carbon to do whatever it is that we must combat.

Catastrophe Avoided

You ought to be happy that Earth is going to avoid the latest, potentially significant catastrophe, namely the impact of the asteroid DA14. Even if it were to fall in the middle of entirely unoccupied land on this planet, it would likely cause a cloud of dust circling the planet for years to come with one certain consequence: COLD!

The Earth has experienced collision with asteroids and major volcanic eruptions throughout its long history. Just a 1% decline in solar radiation can reduce crop yields by 10%-plus and lead to mass-starvation. If you thought storm Sandy was as bad as it could get, think again!

Concern about Chemtrails

What, you are not concerned about chemtrails, had not even heard of them? They are these supposedly chemical-laden white streaks left behind by high-flying jets. Millions of people are very much concerned about them, but not me. These so-called chemtrails are nothing but condensed water vapor, quickly dissolved in the upper dry atmosphere.


The most insidious problem with the letter C, at least to my mind, is that it leads to much confusion. From the president not getting his Carbon Chemistry right to sowing more Concern about the so-Called Climate Change, it’s a litany of Confusion.


The conclusion must clearly be that we would be better off without the “C” around any longer.

Do You Concur?

Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts convenientmyths.com

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at: mail@convenientmyths.com

13 thoughts on “The Letter C”

  1. I love this website, but when I read this nonsense about chem trails, I have to speak up. These are CON-trails, people, not chemtrails. The fact that some disappear, and some linger is just due to atmospheric conditions.
    Can you spell or say “relative humidity”?
    I spent about 1/2 my life up there making those contrails. There are a heck of a lot of planes up there every day. Depending on the freezing level, you get few or a lot of contrails. For why some linger, see the above comment.
    If it was a conspiracy, where are the planes based? They have to be flying out of somewhere. A heavy tanker needs a long runway. Military tankers are maxed out supporting refueling operations, so they are out.
    There is no chatter or discussion among military tanker pilots about this subject. Do you really think you could keep something like this quiet?
    Are these civilian tankers? Show me a picture of one being loaded. Who are the pilots. Odds are I would know some or a lot of them.
    I have never met one.
    Are they using some secret communication system, as otherwise, you would hear them on VHF or UHF.
    These cons usually, but not always occur at high altitudes. These guys would have to talk to ATC controllers to do this job. Right now, the system would not allow total data link control with no voice comm at all. There is no radio conversation about high altitude spraying. Never has been.
    Perhaps for some of you this is your hobby. Whatever floats your boat.
    Show some proof, a picture would be nice, not of a contrail, but one of these supposed tankers being loaded for a mission. Hell, there would have to be squadrons of these things. Show me where the airport is. Prove it with facts, not stuff picked up from obscure internet readings.

  2. (Cookie Monster voice) Now what starts with the letter C…………Climate Change starts with the Letter C.

    C is for Carbon that’s good enough for me. C is for Carbon that’s good enough for me. C is for carbon that’s good enough for me! Carbon Carbon Carbon that’s good enough for me! Everybody now!

  3. I think you’re right on when it comes to the idiots complaining about carbon. But I think you’re wrong about chem trails. It’s easy to see the difference between vapor trails and chem trails. The (water)vapor trails disappear quickly and the chem trails stay all day long and eventually cover the entire sky. You need to sit back in a comfortable chair and spend some time staring into the daytime sky and then you’ll see the difference.

  4. you need to investigate chemtrails. They are not “nothing but condensed water vapor”. They are put there by specialized tanker planes which are poisoning this planet for a variety of nefarious purposes.

  5. Personally, I think the “convenient myth” is that this man has a doctorate, unless it is in bovine excrement. Chemtrails are water vapor and quickly dissolve? Then, pray tell me, HOW do they hang in the air slowly expanding for hours on end? I have watched jets fly overhead – one leaving the good doctor’s contrail, and the other something that would hang in the sky the rest of the day. So what good is it to read anything that he says if he says just one obvious lie? I think the “C” for him is “convolution,” as there isn’t much straight talk in what he said.

  6. HOLD ON a minute. Don’t go telling me that
    chemtrails are just water vapor. Do a (very little)
    research and you will find out that these are
    aluminum aerosols, vastly different from normal
    contrails. Your article filed under disinformation…

  7. He seems to have little information on chemtrails and is confusing them with contrails.

    This seems once again to point out the problem of polarization in society. Different subjects get categorized together more for political or emotional reasons than because they have been thoroughly examined. I have seen this several times when AGW is discussed. They vilify it by association with something else they don’t ‘believe’ in. both sides do this. Deniers is an example and being called flat earthers another.

    There is a fair amount of data and research on chemtrails. It may be a serious issue and worthy of more than a flippant dismissal.

    1. Thank you, Davew, for this your comment on chemtrails. From what I have read, they are serious and dangerous and damaging to the earth and all its inhabitants.

  8. Consensus

    Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the “favorite” of each individual.

    Climate change consensus (c3) is not a scientific method or scientific rule. Climate science is so far just guess work. They have no scientific rule that matches nature since they always match new weather extremes to the effect of man-made CO2.
    Scientific Method is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYPapE-3FRw

    The fact is that the man made CO2 is nothing else than CO2 that was stored away long time ago and was once part of the atmospheric mix.

    Climate science is just pseudoscience. The clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=HtMX_0jDsrw could be easily used for climate science. Lots of so called “experts” that hide behind their knowledge and ignore/avoid any discussion.

  9. I think that it was Hitler who said that if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. Lenin was the one who put it to work and now their followers are beating those same drums hot and heavy. They are showing their roots and we must beware of their fruits!

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