Massive winter storm moving into Central Plains

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30 million people in its path.

A massive winter storm promises to dump up to 18 inches of snow – or more – on Kansas.

The biggest threat of heavy snow lies in parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, with the possibility of whiteout conditions in some places, said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

The National Weather Service was predicting as much as 18 inches of snow in Kansas, while parts of Nebraska could see more than a foot of snow. Drifts could make some roads impassable.

Meanwhile, Chicago could receive its largest single snowfall of the year — 4 inches, said Miller. The city usually gets up to 4 feet of snow a year. So far this year, only about a foot has fallen, he said.

Snowy, dangerously icy conditions are also possible in parts of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri, Miller added.

Tuesday night, the same storm forced closure of stretches of highway northeast of Los Angeles, stranding some motorists until highway crews and police were able to battle through the snow and clear the backlog.

“The snow came in hard and heavy,” said Officer Ed Smith of the California Highway Patrol.
In all, parts of 18 states were under some form of watch or warning on Wednesday related to the storm.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry continues his prattling about global warming.

I wonder why it is that people like to retire in warmer climates? Do you suppose that “global warming” isn’t quite as bad as some people would have you think?

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5 thoughts on “Massive winter storm moving into Central Plains”

  1. It will still be declared to be the ‘hottest’ day [Feb 21 or 22nd], in 4.6 billion years. 2013 has already been declared the hottest year in 4.6 billion years [the ‘models’ have proven this]. So it does not matter how much snow, ice, cold or ‘climate changes’ occur. Everything from breezes, to warm sunny summer days, to ice and sleet must be blamed on the hated human. I wonder how the interference of Venus and Mars with the Earth [1500 bc and 700 bc], fits in with that allegation ? Now that would be a climate change [see the Old Testament, the Bhagavad Purana, Chaldean records, the Illiad etc etc.]

  2. Just had a thought – even officer Erik Estrada (Frank Puncherello in Chips episode 1976) would like this site. Back then, we still had a fairly good country with lots more common sense than we have today. Even our schools were much better because back then the main news was global cooling. They had it right the first time.

  3. These people in our government are complete animals with krap between their ears – nothing less. This country is living in a time of extreme stupidity and insanity. Just another example of the disease called liberalism…..

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