Meteorologists warn of February ‘deep freeze’ across Nordic states

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Temperatures are likely to drop even further below normal next month throughout the Nordic region, according experts from Weather Services International (WSI). WSI officials said that a high-pressure pattern is to persist over the arctic through to February, continually pushing frigid, dry air southward over Scandinavia, as well as toward Russia, the Baltic states and Britain.

It added, “We expect the lingering impacts of the atmospheric blocking to persist into at least March, with cold temperatures persisting across the Nordic regions.”

Several locations in Finland set new record lows in December and January

The news comes amid a prolonged period of frigid conditions in the region, as several locations in Finland set new record lows – some well below -30°C – in December and January. 

Thanks to Robert van deLeur for this link

5 thoughts on “Meteorologists warn of February ‘deep freeze’ across Nordic states”

  1. Hi, Robert and other friends of Ice Age Now.

    There has been a persistent pattern of chilly weather (minus 10 to minus 25C) the last two months i southern Norway, even though we had a upward spike, one and a half weeks ago. So far, it has been a “normal” winter, compared to the 200 year record low numbers in December 2011.

    But, the problem is, the forecasts that are produced, even the 3 day forcast is very poor. E.g., the forcasts before the upward spike, not even captured the event coming, only a few days before. I know this, because I had a travel event.

    There is so many unusual discrepancies in the forecasts that I think, maybe, the HAARP facilities are playing some games, or our primery engine, the sun, having some impact, or maybe, the electrical alignments of the newcoming comets, or the planets are doing something.

    Nao sei, but for sure, I have still a big staple of norwegian wood to make a counter offensive to this forecasted big low temperature, if it is coming.

    Anyhow, next week I will start to seed my tomatoes, and hope and pray that this spring could start in the normal pattern. Last year it was delayed by aproximately 7 – 10 days.

    1. Interesting you mentioned Dec 2011, it was the coldest part of the last La Nina episode,

      as also happened in the cold winter in many parts of Europe in 2010

      “… If these plunging temperatures continue till the end of the month, this December [2010] could be the coldest in the Met Office’s records …”
      (sorry I couldn’t find any “less biased” link)

      We’re probably right now (Feb 2013) beginning a new La Nina episode, which would be the 3rd in a row since the El Nino of 2010.
      In this case we should expect more cold weather in the months ahead.

  2. This winter here in Finland has been perfectly normal. NO new record lows have been measured as far as I know. That record part of that article is BS.

    The lowest temperature so far this winter is -36,1 degrees Celsius, measured in Utsjoki, Lapland. This station is new and it was not operational in January 1999 when there was -48,6 degrees Celsius in nearby station.

    The coldest day ever for the town I live in is circa -37. In mid-January we had a one day when temperature dropped near -30 degrees Celsius. So, there is a way to go to new record lows!

  3. ohh, now just how can they spin this to be warmer than average.?
    I will be waiting for the attempt, may be a job for Hansens fiddlin figures I think?
    or maybe mann cann get a hockeyschtick happenin:-)

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