Northern Hemisphere Sets New, All-Time Record Cold Temperature: -96.1°F In Oymyakon Siberia !!

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Who knows, maybe this record is yet another sign of warming, new models will tell us soon!

Northern Hemisphere Sets New, All-Time Record Cold Temperature: -96.1°F In Oymyakon Siberia !!

By P Gosselin on 23. February 2013

That’s -71.2°C, and it shatters the previous record of -68°C (-90.4°F) set in 1933! Hat-tip DirkH.

UPDATE: Russian media confirms the new record:!

There’s been a lot of confusion over the last couple of days concerning a record low temperature allegedly just recorded in Siberia. News reports in the mainstream media made it sound like the reading was recorded decades ago, or they just muddled it. For example The Mail had a feature here. No mention that it’s a record set just days ago.

But now it appears that the record was actually set on February 19, in Oymyakon, Siberia.

The confusion is understandable, as the news just doesn’t square with the global warming narrative.

News website reports here. It writes near the end:

Oymyakon: Coldest Town in the World – 71 ° Celsius

It was just a few days ago that Oymyakon became famous. With -71° Celsius, it recorded a new record cold temperature, which until then had been unique to 2 villages. Until then the record of -68°C had to be shared with the town of Werchojansk – however, this is now history.”

This Italian site also reports that the new record was just set days ago, on February 19, smashing to pieces the old record of -68°C set in 1933, 80 years ago:

Un nuovo record di freddo è stato stabilito nella giornata di oggi in Siberia. Nella città di Oymyakon è stato raggiunto l’incredibile valore di -71°C! The former record was -68°C and stood since 1933. All of Siberia and Russia are in a phase of extreme frost , con -50°C toccati anche nella regione di Dzalinda.”

My Italian isn”t the best, but I’d translate that as follows:

A new record cold was recorded today in Siberia. In the town of Oymyakon the incredible value of -71.2°C was reached. The area of Dzalinda is hit with -50°C.”

Italian readers may want to improve that translation for me.

Die Welt kept it off the front page, confirmed the temperature reading, but doesn’t call it a “record”, read here.

Looks like the record is real.

If these reports are accurate, and they appear to be so, then I wonder why this was pretty much blacked out of the news.

With that thick, warm CO2 blanket now smothering our atmosphere, heat is supposed to get trapped and prevent such records.

Who knows, maybe this record is yet another sign of warming, new models will tell us soon!

Thanks to Steven Goddard and Marc Morano for this link

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  1. got site issues again?
    I posted comment to this some days back.

    comment was
    they are changung the name of the town to
    oh-my-i am cooold :-)

    1. Yup. A different kind of issue this time.

      I moved yesterday, and in order to prepare for the move I hired a computer whiz to disconnect all of my computer stuff and take it to my new office. We agreed that he would sleep there and have everything up and running by Tuesday morning. Instead, when I got here on Tuesday morning I found a huge tangle of spider-web wires and computer components covering the office floor and a very drunk computer whiz. sound asleep on floor.

      That created a few tense moments. Today, a different computer person started afresh and now I’m finally back on line.

      I apologize to everyone for the lack of posts.

      1. 😉
        no worries Robert,glad it was just an “interesting experience” and not something worse.
        like all techy stuff its great when working and bad news when it isnt.

  2. My Russian wife told me that Oymyakon was known to Russians as the coldest place on earth. But when my wife was a child, she was raised in Dikson, the northern most ‘settlement’ in Siberia. I can’t figure out why Dikson isn’t the coldest place on earth. Here are the Google Earth coordinates for Dikson: 73°30’37.06″N 80°24’14.28″E. Tell me this isn’t the most exotic place on earth!

    1. Oymyakon is colder because it’s located in the Mountains, so altitude and mountain depression makes Oymyakon, and other Cities like Yuchugey, Batagay, Tomtor, Verkhoyansk and other villages and settlements, colder then other Cities in Siberia.

  3. Wow! That’s nasty cold. If I lived there, I would move south.
    Hmmm! If it got any colder (-108.4F) it would be snowing Carbon Dioxide. I wounder what that would look like?

  4. According to the 2/25/13 edition of the Daily Mail (on line), the record of -71.2 C was set during the “Communist -era” in 1924. So what’s with this new record? Seems it’s best not to announce a record like this before triple-checking the facts.

  5. About 500 people are living in Ojmjakon. Some of them were so kind as to inform us about the temperature. But when we look at the records of Weather Underground, the lowest temperature we find is minus 55 degrees Celsius on February 15th. Most of the time the stations Ojmjakon and Verkhoyansk are not reporting. So the temperature data are made up by a computer model. And according to what they call the recorded data it was cold, but not that cold. It makes me wonder about the red colours (showing positive temperature anomaly) on the NOAA maps. It is always red in parts of Greenland and some parts of Siberia and Antarctica where nobody lives who could tell us otherwise. The Russian government controls the temperature minima, both in Siberia and in Antarctica where they have the Rostock base. My confidence in these “official records” is very low.

    1. Mine too, we have to “connect dots” from many diverse sources to have a more realistic estimate of what is actually happening.
      For example, the facts that we’ve had sequential strong winters in many parts of the NH, the steadily growing icecap of Antarctica since records began and the very real possibility now of a 3rd La Nina in a row in the Pacific (not to mention that the AMO is in its descent period now, similarly to the solar radiations of cycle C24) show that the cooling trend is evident, whether the “official records” acknowledge it or not.

  6. Careful.. thats near the temp of dry ice! (solid CO2)
    Dont tell them (warmists) that.
    Note this confirms that the average temp of a planet is totally meaningless in terestrial physics. At any one time on the surface theres temps ranging from (Siberia NOW – 70C) to places here in Australia right now at +50C +! Thats a range at THE SAME TIME of 120C!! or more. Theres no so called blanket effect at all. Just plain laws of thermodynamics. If you put heat in it gets hotter (unlimited) or take it out it gets colder (to absolute 0).

    1. It’d be the ultimate irony if the CO2 levels would actually start to fall due to excessive cold in the polar and other regions!!
      It’d be the best news in many years!!

  7. I bet this extra cold has been caused by the permafrost melting, a risk the media has been highlighting recently. Yeah, right. Like water melts at -96F (-71C). Has the recent revival of “Permafrost may melt” headlines been a smokescreen to hide this record and other evidence of Global COOLING? The iceman cometh…

  8. WE must have had a pole shift..
    It has been the best winter that I can remember here in South East Alaska. No snow and we are working the garden in February. Just hope it keeps up.(:

  9. This week Lake Placid had temperatures of -15F to -25F and I could not ski as it felt like my face was freezing off. The idea of -96F is simply deadly!

  10. Not surprising that the prior record was the from the 1930s. The cooling down part of the natural cycle has been producing a lot of weather similar to the 1930s. Drought in the middle of the US. Hurricanes moving up the US east coast instead of into the Gulf of Mexico. And now a repeat of record cold in Siberia. Its a cycle. What goes up comes down. In another several hundred years it might warm up again.

  11. Great article Robert !
    This proves once again, beyond a doubt, that we have strong global cooling ongoing since 1998. This plus the Arctic ice growth shattering new records this year and Antarctica’s greatest ever ice extent makes this even more realistic.

  12. I am sure they will say that the warmer air at the north pole “pushed the colder air” south, and there probably is a fluke geological formation that allowed it to accumulate there. As we all know, all “extreme weather” events are caused by global warming, and you have to admit, that cold a temperature truly is “extreme.”

  13. Obama will not understand. He will be told by his handlers that this is proof of “climate change”. Even though droughts follow severe cold and snowballs, and the oceans are not rising, he respond with yeah! Obama will then ask the deep and insightful question, “What part of the world do I have to fly to, to play golf?”

    Stupid votes in stupid. Liberals are right. It is time to change the Constitution to save the Republic.

  14. This record cold in Oymyakon is a record breaker since modern records began. However not a record breaker if we consider much colder temeratures recorded before modern instruments were introduced. The earlier records simply get ignored as being “unscientific” but mostly out of disbelief. For example we are taught in history lessons that during the Maunder Minimum between 1645 through 1715 also know as the Mini Ice Age the City of London in the British Isles was hit with cold snaps as cold as minius 100*C. Why is it that no one will believe it ? Well if the predictions being made by Robert and others come true then I suspect that the extreme cold temperatures being experienced in Oymyakon Siberia will be affecting the whole of Western Europe too. Which reminds me that despite the cost I really should buy that ski suit. My life may depend apon it. Fuel for heating is way too expensive. It is more economical to wear the proper clothing. As the Swedish say “There is no such a thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.

  15. No worry comrade. The warming fascists already declared that Feb 19th was the warmest Feb 19th in 4.6 billion years. The Siberian record is an ‘outlier’, not to confused with the outright-liars of the unholy church of the warm. Cooling is really warming.

  16. and they are now REnaming the town

    minus 4c or so so is bad for us aussies, this is beyond imagining to wake up to that and have to live through it. stock losses would be enormous:-(

  17. It seems in keeping with the data on North Pole temperatures. Whilst the scale is difficult to read at the resolution given, the temperature there was the lowest last week since 2004 (about 237K, or about -36°C/-33°F). []

    Interesting that Oymyakon was about twice as cold.

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