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Walls of snow up to nine meters (29½ ft) high – More than three stories deep!

Nobody remembers this much snow on this port Navarre. 

In the port of Belagua have formed snow walls up to nine meters. The avalanche risk is 3 out of 5 and is therefore allowed in special teams. Turbofresadoras and plow and clear the road. Nobody remembers this much snow on this port Navarre. The image is spectacular.


Thanks to Brian Payne for this link



5 Responses to Port Belagua Navarre (Spain) under the snow disappears – Video

  1. Wow! Amazing! Prayers for those dear souls!

  2. jbird says:

    Spain is a big place. It would be nice to have a map to refer to with these kinds of news stories.

  3. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Heavy snowfall – not so much snow as in Port Belagua Navarre, Spain, but still heavy snowfall – is disrupting life in Ladakh, India, too.

  4. […]    Catching some serious air in this pic. from Pando Park NE of G.R.  Looks like fun.  This’ll be a great Sunday to get outside and enjoy some winter sports.  Skies will be partly sunny for part of the day in most areas, winds will be relatively light and temperatures will be in the mid 20s in the PM.  So far, the month of February is 2.9 deg. cooler than average and today will drag that below 3 degrees.  Muskegon is up to 69.9″ of snow for the winter, getting back closer to average.  Grand Rapids is up to 45.5″.  We have less than half a foot to catch last year in G.R. and Muskegon is already ahead of last year.  Hey, check out the picture/video here from Spain.  That’s a wall of snow up to 29 1/2 FEET deep (3 stories high).  Check out the video here. […]

  5. Laurel says:

    isnt that the port that the spanish fleet used to sail from? I remember the name from somewhere in my reading..
    sure thing no one will be going anywhere much for some time right now.

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