More snow for Colorado

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“And here they were screaming in your face 10 years ago that they would NEVER see snow again ?????”

“Breckenridge just had another 10 inches of snow last night and now a base depth of 52 inches (132 cm),” says reader Kenneth Lund. “First time Colorado resorts have over 50 inches this season.”

“And here they were screaming in your face 10 years ago that they would NEVER see snow again ?????  And screaming in your face that catastrophic man-made global warming is occurring because you’re cranking up your car to drive to the post office ???


12 thoughts on “More snow for Colorado”

  1. OK. Those of you who think no one was talking about the end of the ski industry 10 years ago, need to do a little research before you start pounding the keyboard. It’s pretty simple, just use Yahoo or Google and put forth a tiny bit of effort. It doesn’t take much.

    I live in Colorado, have been an avid skier for 44 years, and I first got interested in what I call “global warming hysteria” sometime back in the mid ’90s when the media began reporting the “end of skiing.” They got my attention with their pronouncements that the ski industry in Colorado and the rest of the U.S would be dead in a few years. Skiing is near and dear to my heart, so I was motivated to learn all that I could. Among the many things I’ve learned is that this lie has been repeated for at least 17 years; that’s how long I’ve been monitoring it.

    I have taught basic research at the graduate level, and I have some skill at reading and analyzing all kinds of research. Once I began my own review of the literature on anthropogenic global warming, I found it was totally baseless, and I quit worrying about the death of skiing. However, I began to worry again (about AGW) 5 years ago when the politicians started talking carbon taxes and credits, so I have continued to keep an eye on things.

    If you do your own search, you will find that there are hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles about the end of snow, death of the ski industry and so on, going back for years.

    Until people take the time to investigate this nonsense (i.e. end of snow, extinction of the Polar Bear, retreat of Himalayan glaciers, etc.) themselves, we will continue to be at the mercy of the airheads who simply like to repeat what they believe, rather than doing a real investigation and presenting facts.

    For those of you who are interested, I present here just two articles from the New York Times and Boston Globe FROM LAST YEAR. Yep. They never tire of telling the same old story, even after 15 (or more) years. Look here:
    livelihood.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 and here:

    For those of you who don’t believe that the story is old, I refer you to this article from the Nation/World back in 1995:

    Global warming (now “climate change”) is pure superstition. It has been maintained by wealthy interests, by your own tax dollars fueling the research machine, and by a compliant media who can’t think for themselves. The lies continue to be told, even in the face of the obvious, i.e. that there has been NO global warming for more than 15 years and that most of the northern hemisphere has been covered in snow and bitter cold this winter despite the continued rise of global CO2 levels.

    If you can keep the masses afraid, you can keep them under control and get them to do anything you want out of fear. That’s what it’s all about.

  2. Last I heard, the mountains of Colorado are not in lowland England which is where David Viner of CRU was referring to when he made that statement…

  3. Yes they are Robert.Of course places that have seen snow will see snow again for a long time.We are in a Ice age DUH!!!!The idiots that predict the weather not only used a groundhog to say that winter is ending but also said that by march we will be warm.Warm?Seriously really come on.I read your site and i think you are right in every thing you say.Also i do alot of research on my own and i have come to the conclusion that we are in this winter weather pattern for a long long long time.Thanks for all you do for us.

  4. Context Mr Lund.

    I have never read of ONE person who said that Colorado, with mountains over 10,000 ft, would never see snow again.

    In fact, many of the ‘warmers’ reckoned that the higher ski resorts might see MORE snow because below certain temperatures, you don’t get as much snow falling as closer to zero.

    1. Why don’t you go find a record, link, article, whatever, of ANY warmist ever saying that?
      I would, but I’m pretty sure it never happened.

    2. “below certain temperatures, you don’t get as much snow falling as closer to zero.” Not always the case, my friend. When polar air moves over warm waters, then you get lots of snow.

    3. I don’t believe that though – that’s exactly what they sound like man !!
      Do you know how STUPID these people are ?? Lighten up – these lunatics need to be put on a hot burner dude ! If I had it MY way, I’d line up all these warmists, take them up to North Dakota when it gets to -40 below and tie them up on a tree all night long.

    4. The list of global warmist nutbar “scientists” who were saying there would be NO MORE SNOW in the mountains due to global warming is LOOOOOOoooooooong.

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